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Compact valves are high cycling

Compact valves are high cycling

The DV series of valves from TPC Pneumatics are five-port solenoid valves that have high life expectancies, thanks to wear rings that prevent abrasion. The company tests their new DV1000, 3000, and 4000 valves to 50 million cycles.

"Our smallest valve in the DV series is the DV1000," says Joseph Cina, TPC's application engineer. "It has a 0.2 gpm flow rating, but the width of the valve is only 10 mm."

The DV3000 has a 0.5 gpm flow rating. Its width is 15 mm. The width of the DV4000 is 18 mm. It has a 9 gpm flow rating.

The valves have 10/32-, 1/8-, and .25-inch port sizes. "All the valves mount to sub-bases and manifolds in medical, semiconductor, packaging, and other machine applications," says Cina. Other applications for the products include medical equipment and food processing equipment.

The DV1000, 3000, and 4000 valves have non-polar coils. Response time is less than 12 milliseconds for the DV 1000. The DV3000's response time is 18 milliseconds and the DV4000's response time is 30 milliseconds.

Exhaust collection systems in the valves prevent dust contamination during pilot exhaustion.

The valves have push-and-lock overrides and require no lubrication. The wear ring attached to the spool prevents abrasion.

TPC Pneumatics is a new North American business unit of the Tanhay Group, a multinational operation in Seoul, Korea established in 1973. TCP is the largest manufacturer of pneumatic products in Korea.

Additional Details...Joseph Cina, 12411 McCann Dr., Sante Fe Springs, CA 90670; Tel: (800) 347-3954; , or Enter 508.

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