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CoDeSys Embedded Controller

CoDeSys Embedded Controller

Festo's CoDeSys embedded controller is for use with its CPX series of multifunctional control terminals. CoDeSys is an IEC 61131-3 compatible programming environment. The controller benefits current users of IEC 61131-3, since they can port over their existing code, libraries, function blocks, reducing programming time. There are six programming languages provided by CoDeSys. The new CPX-CEC module provides machine builders with a way to oversee all the units in a CPX terminal - regardless of whether they are for pneumatic or electric drives or I/O functions. Suitable for single and multi-axis applications, the CPX-CEC can operate autonomously or in conjunction with a host controller, such as a master PLC, and it can also be used as an intelligent slave in fieldbus-based systems to provide localized signal pre-processing.

The CPX-CEC embedded controller is essentially a PLC, but with additional functionality. Based on a 400 MHz low power consumption 32-bit processor, backed by 64 MB of memory, it features an Ethernet 10/100 Base-T interface for programming and host controller communications and uses a backplane bus system to communicate with other modules in the CPX terminal. The controller has a cycle time of just 1 ms - making it one of the fastest on the market - and can be supplied configured as a fieldbus slave or as a CAN master for controlling other CANopen devices, such as electric drives. It supports all popular fieldbus protocols, including PROFIBUS, PROFINET, Ethernet/IP, DeviceNet, Modbus TCP, CANopen, CC-Link and EtherCAT.

The CPX-CEC is an embedded solution - all component parts are enclosed within the module, which carries an IP65/67 rating against dust and water ingress. The ability to deploy the CPX terminal and its constituent modules in the same environment as the machine itself - even on the machine if required - provides system designers with a flexible solution for decentralized control.

CoDeSys Embedded Controller
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