Cobots, Salaries, Bad Cars, and More: 12 Top Slideshows from 2017

It’s the holiday season. Take a break and flip through these 12 popular slideshows from the year gone by.

2017Is it information on cobots you crave? Perhaps you’re looking for proof that the new car in your driveway was a good choice? Or maybe you simply want to know more about Steve Wozniak and other stellar engineers?  

Take a break and enjoy these popular 12 slideshows from Design News in 2017.


The Top 15 Engineering Schools by Salary

These engineering schools are turning out the highest paid bachelor’s-degree grads.


10 Automotive Ideas That Didn't Pan Out

From flying cars to early aluminum engines, here’s a peek at some of the auto industry’s most ignominious failures.


10 Incredibly Bad Technology Predictions

Even those who shape the future of technology often see it incorrectly. Here are 10 of the worst technology predictions ever.


8 Things You Don’t Know About Apple’s Steve Wozniak

Woz is an open book. Still, there are some little-known facts about the Apple co-founder and engineer that even the biggest fans might not know.


10 of the Auto Industry’s Most Unreliable Vehicles

Consumer Reports’ annual auto issue finds poor reliability in a multitude of used vehicle models. Here are some of the worst offenders.


10 of the Worst-Designed Weapons Ever Made

From multi-barreled guns, the world's smallest pistol, and anti-tank dogs, we take a look at 10 of history's strangest, and most ill-conceived weapons.


15 Engineers Who Became CEOs

Engineers tend to be hard-working, detail-oriented and practical, making them good candidates for a corner office.


10 Up-and-Coming Hybrids for 2018

Automakers will feature new plug-ins, full hybrids, mild hybrids and a growing array of start-stop micro-hybrids.


10 Collaborative Robot Companies You Should Know

Collaborative robots -- aka cobots -- are becoming increasingly mainstream. Here are the 10 companies that should be on everyone's mind.


12 People Who Engineered Change Without a College Degree

It’s the exception and not the rule, but a few people have achieved monumental technological success without ever earning a college degree.


15 Great Thoughts on Engineering

From queens and presidents to engineers and CEOs, we present great thoughts on engineering.


7 Great NASA Technologies You Don't Know About

Despite what you might have heard, NASA is harder at work than ever. We take a look at seven technologies NASA is developing to take humans to Mars and beyond.




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