CADFusion Built Around Motion Control

Automation has long been established as a leading technological advancement since the advent of industrialization. We can now look around and see how its wide range of applications has made its way into our everyday lives.

Take, for example, the automated traffic light that beautifully conducts the flow of moving vehicles on every major street corner, or the touchscreen self-checkout machine that efficiently guides you through your purchase in most retail stores. Automation began in the industrial environments of automotive mass production and is still in great effect; large, automated machinery piecing together most of your car's nicely fitting parts (barring any recent traffic mishaps, of course).

The increased productivity and optimizing benefits of automation is largely handled by computer-aided engineering programs, known as CAD software to most of us. This computer-aided mathematical and organizational control over machinery, most commonly operating under the G-code programming language, is a large contributor to the expansion of automated design found in everyday human activity.

Some may argue that automation is also a major contributor to the rise of unemployment, though its goal of increased production can also be seen as a benefit to those deprived of goods that aren't as easily accessible on a global scale. Even so, the opportunity that computer automation presents moves our focus away from the old predominant ways of human labor and into the design world within.

The increased popularity and availability of CAD software, to anyone willing to fork over the money, results in creating an army of new engineers. We now have easier access to design, models, and even manufacture capabilities. Of course, CAD software on its own is limited in its capability.

That is where Aerotech's state-of-the-art CADFusion software comes in. Aerotech, a pioneer of precision motion control products, creates a wide range of software and hardware to meet the needs of various industries and applications such as medical, life sciences, electronics manufacturing, automotive, photonics, semiconductors, testing, research, and development. CADFusion is a program that allows you to import your CAD drawings directly into an easy-to-use canvas that is used to create a tool path for CNC machine tools. In essence, it is automation made easy.

The software implements G-code for motion programming and contains features such as manual or automatic shape reordering, feature scaling, rotational and translational capabilities, user-defined initialization, process shutdown, and shuttering commands. Once your drawing is imported into CADFusion, it is broken down into basic shapes that can be easily manipulated by the user.

Once you're ready to export the file, a full motion control program is compiled, which gives you the option of entering your own code for user-specific initialization and trigger events. The key here is that CADFusion is a platform built around the idea of motion control, not simply a plug-in like most other programs. The result is a well-designed and machine-ready product conveniently made on your home computer. Of course, it is also tremendously beneficial for industrial applications. So if you're an automation design and manufacturing aficionado, try this program out, and bring the true engineer out of you. Since I have my own home machine shop, the software will soon be put through its paces.

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