Buying up software companies in the NASDAQ fire sale

Thursday, April 5, 2001

The hottest CAD/CAM/CAE buzzwords of 2001 are "peer-to-peer" and
"collaborative." But although they've been echoed incessantly at trade shows and
conferences for several months now, will these latest software concepts survive
the recent NASDAQ carnage and imploding dot-coms?

There is no stronger answer to this question than yesterday's
announcement by SDRC (Cincinnati, OH; that it would acquire Inovie
Software Inc. (San Diego, CA; for an undisclosed price.

Translation: "It's not a recession, it's a buying opportunity."
That theme was mirrored in last week's announcement by Dassault Systemes
(Suresnes, France; that it
would acquire SRAC (Los Angeles, CA; for $22 million.

Indeed, SDRC announced plans to expand its products in the
buzzword areas, saying it would "combine its Metaphase product knowledge
management (PKM) and Accelis e-Business integration suite (e-BI) with Inovie's
collaborative project management offerings" to offer secure, Web-based
collaboration in the manufacturing and supply chain enterprise. The new
solutions will empower virtual business teams to better collaborate in the
global e-workplace.

Let's hope for SDRC's sake that its new software products don't
make a merely "virtual" profit.

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