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Bunkspeed Brings 3-D Content To The Cloud

Article-Bunkspeed Brings 3-D Content To The Cloud

Bunkspeed Brings 3-D Content To The Cloud

There's more cloud computing activity on the 3-D content front. At this week's SolidWorks World 2011 conference, Bunkspeed, a provider of 3-D rendering and animation software, introduced its Bunkspeed Cloud Solution intended to let engineers and other users visualize and interact with photorealistic 3-D images and scenes via the Web, wherever they are in the world and from any device that can run a web browser.

Bunkspeed Brings 3-D Content To The Cloud
The Bunkspeed Cloud Solution runs in an NVIDA GPU-based cloud environment and leverages mental images' RealityServer 3-D web application services platform to let users in the automotive design, engineering and consumer product design fields create and collaborate on photorealistic visualizations without having to endure the lag time of waiting for images to render on their workstation. It also opens up access to these photorealistic images to non-CAD users, who can now view and review projects through the web without having the software and hardware infrastructure to run them.

At the heart of Bunkspeeds' Cloud Solution is Bunkspeed SHOT Pro, a 3-D rendering application that produces photorealistic images and 360-degree animation. The software integrates with SolidWorks 2011 and other leading CAD packages, via plug-in or importer, to allow users to add materials, change out lighting environments and apply various back plates to product photorealistic results.

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