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In brief

In brief

Need a pump compatible with a wide range of aggressive fluids such as acids, alkalis, solvents, and resins? The "A" series of pneumatic pumps from Clark Solutions have PTFE wetted parts that stand up to aggressive fluids found in semiconductor, pulp and paper, and other processing applications. The flow capacity of the company's five different models ranges from 2-8 to 130 gpm.

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For dry, inert, and non-reacting gases, the PackageLine pumping package from Pfeiffer Vacuum, Inc. combines a rotary vane pump and a blower for applications in packaging equipment and coating systems. The pumping package includes an integrated safety valve and oil return unit.

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The VPV16 is a Bosch Automation vane pump coupled to an electric motor. The pump is rated for 3,000-psi continuous service. It has a hardened spline and requires no bell housing.

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Sensidyne's 3-A pump measures less than one cubic inch, but it delivers pressures up to 6 psig. It also creates a vacuum up to 12-in Hg. The company offers new motor options with the miniature 3-A pump.

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Micropump Inc.'s new Integral electromagnetic drive pump includes a brushless dc motor and electronic controller that is activated manually or with a remote signal. The pumps generate pulse-less flow rates up to 1.1 gpm and pressures to 100 psi. Available construction materials include 316 stainless steel, Teflon, carbon graphite, and other durable materials.

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