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In Brief

In Brief

The ECLIPSE line scan camera is designed to deliver 100 times greater responsivity than the competition, says DALSA Corp. This ability allows for less expensive lighting, and an increased depth of field through smaller-aperture optics. So it is appropriate for applications in postal sorting (bar-code reading, cancellation mark detection), and machine vision for electronics and semiconductor manufacturing (pick and place, wafer alignment, solder paste inspection). Available in 512, 1,024, and 2,048 resolutions, it runs on a single-voltage input (12-15V), line rates up to 64 kHz, while outputting 8-bit data at 40 MHz.

The MAX 200, from Xerox Engineering Systems, is a wide-format reproduction system designed for flat-out speed. It scans and prints at 200 mm per sec, delivering more than 1,020 D-size prints per hour. It also has a highlight-red option, allowing users to point out important changes and details in red ink. Additional features include: 256 levels of gray; and six media sources, including four rolls, 1x1,000 cut-sheet tray, and a manual bypass.

The AlphaCoder(TM)system, part of FoxJet's FXJet(TM)series, is a high-resolution marking and coding system for printing alphanumerics and graphics on porous material. It will produce 1-5 lines of text or graphics within a 46-mm image area, and offers line speeds up to 76 meters per min, with throw distances up to 13 mm. For vibration protection, it is designed with the ink system, printhead assembly, and fluidics inside a stainless-steel enclosure.

The CS4040 is a 40-inch, wide-format color scanner from Oce, designed as a lower-price alternative for those who don't need the full 50-inch width of the CS4050 model. It can scan either thin paper documents or those mounted on rigid boards up to 0.6 inch thick, and includes 36-bit color data capture for scanning resolutions up to 800 dpi.

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