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In brief

In brief

Burkert's 8640 series modular pneumatic manifolds snap together. Designed for use with electric and pneumatic interfaces, these three- and four-way manifolds also feature manual override and speed control for pneumatic actuation. Available interface options include Fieldbus, DeviceNET, PLC, and ASI Bus. Both valve and manifolds are made from thermoplastic that is corrosion resistant.

Circle 576

Mark VIII union connections from CPV Manufacturing are flat faced and withstand pressures above 6,000 psi. A resilient O-ring incorporated into a close-tolerance groove on one side of the body makes the seal tighter as pressure increases. The O-seal fittings are available in couplings, tees, elbows, crosses, and reducers.

Circle 577

Bimba 's Pneu-Turn pneumatic rotary actuator provides continuous position sensing. Applications include places where use of external magnetic position sensing is impractical, where variations in actuator rotation or speed are needed, or places where an operation requires constant monitoring of actuator position. A rotary potentiometer assembly mounted inside the actuator provides position feedback information.

Circle 578

The D3W directional control valve from Parker-Hannifin 's Hydraulic Valve Div. is suited for use on machine tools, molding equipment, and other factory equipment. This directly operated valve uses a solenoid for regulating flow up to 40 gpm. A low-wattage version of the valve saves energy.

Circle 579

Stabilus ' pressurized gas springs are sealed pneumatic cylinders. Pressure from internal gas pushes the rods from the cylinders, moving the mechanisms that are connected to the springs.

Circle 580

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