Big Stars Become Robots in the 2000s

Robots in films during the 2000s hit the big time; no longer are they the sidekicks of nerdy character actors. Robots we see on the big screen in recent years include Nicole Kidman (The Stepford Wives), Arnold Schwarzenegger (in two Terminator movies), and Eddie Murphy (Meet Dave). Top star of the era, Will Smith, takes a spin as a robot investigator in I, Robot. Robots (or androids or cyborgs) are fully mainstream in the 2000s.

Two of the most endearing robots of film history appear in this decade -- Haley Joel Osment as David in Artificial Intelligence: A.I., and WALL-E in the animated Pixar classic of the same name. Interestingly, both of these robots have a richer and deeper emotional life than the humans that appear in their films.

This is the final slideshow in a six-part series on robots in films and TV. To you purists out there, we deliberately overlooked some of the more obscure robot films. But gosh, some of those small films were shot on 8 mm.

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