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ActionJac Worm Gear Screw Jack

ActionJac Worm Gear Screw Jack

Nook Industries have expanded the ActionJac (Worm Gear Screw Jack) product line with linear actuation that requires less electric consumption, fewer accessories and no hazardous materials. The ActionJac line incorporates a rugged worm gear set arrangement that uses an alloy steel worm, which drives a high strength bronze worm gear (drive sleeve). The worm shaft is supported on anti-friction tapered roller bearings with external seals to prevent loss of lubrication. The expanded ActionJac line is comprised of standard machine screw, ball screw, stainless steel, metric and trapezoidal screw jack options. Used individually or in multiple arrangements, Worm Gear Screw Jacks are built to specification with customized travel lengths and load handling capacities ranging from a quarter to 100 tons.

The ActionJac is for the solar energy market and operates in extreme weather. Typical solar applications include solar panels and machines that manufacture solar panel materials. Examples include solar fields with fixed position panels, solar trackers that align solar panels to the sun and collection towers.


  • Machine screw jacks: A lifting shaft made of alloy steel with a minimum tensile strength of 95,000 psi. Machine Screw Jack lifting shafts are manufactured with a lead accuracy of approximately 0.004 inch per ft.
  • Ball screw jacks: The ball screw and nut reduces the required input torque to approximately 1/3 the torque required for Machine Screw Jack.
  • Stainless steel screw jacks: For use in demanding environments where corrosion resistance is needed; external components are manufactured from 300 Series stainless steel materials, including the worm. The stainless steel lifting threads are precision formed to Class 2-C (centralizing) thread profiles.
  • Metric ball screw jacks: Metric model of ball screw technology.
  • Trapezoidal screw jacks: Metric jacks include a lift shaft with a special trapezoidal thread form; created to stay within ISO standards and retains the centralizing feature of 2C acme threads.
Actionjac Worm Gear Screw Jack
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