2011 Golden Mousetrap Finalists

Electronics & Test

A1 - Components, Hardware &

Twin Axial Cable

Twin Axial Cable from 3M is a flat, foldable and
longitudinally shielded high-performance twin axial ribbon cable. 3M SL8800
Series Cable is for high data-rate applications that can make sharp turns and
fold with little or no impact on electrical performance. The first products in
this new family are for serial digital signaling over differential pair for
high-speed internal cabling applications. Initially available in 4-channel 100
ohm 30AWG versions, two layers of SL8800 cable are less than half the thickness
of an equivalent bundle of conventional twinax cable. Its construction allows
the cable to fit through narrow openings and free up space in tightly packed
systems or even enable design of new smaller form factors/architectures. The
ribbon structure is integral to the cable. The structure also allows folding to
occur without disturbing the pairs or compromising the performance.

cable is thinner, more routable, space-efficient and easier to terminate. The
cable is less than 1 mm thick compared to up to 8 mm for competitive cables. It
can be easily bent and folded in multiple places without affecting the cable's
performance or longevity unlike most competitive products. The cable can be
bent around corners or threaded between components, allowing it to avoid
obstructing air flow or to open up valuable system real estate. 3M cable's
built-in wire-to-board registration eliminates tedious wire handling, enabling
consistent and reliable terminations. This is useful for automation in the
assembly process.

Devices' AD9467

AD9467 is a 16-bit, monolithic, IF sampling
ADC and is optimized for high performance over wide bandwidths and ease of use.
The product operates at a 250 MSPS conversion rate and is designed for wireless
receivers, instrumentation and test equipment that require a high dynamic
range. No external reference or driver components are required for many
applications. Data outputs are LVDS compatible (ANSI-644 compatible) and
include the means to reduce the overall current needed for short trace
distances. The AD9467 operates on 35 percent less power at 25 percent higher
sampling rate than any other 16-bit data converter, providing a new level of
signal processing performance for applications where high resolution over a
wide bandwidth is needed. The AD9467 delivers resolution, a fast sample rate
and a high SFDR of up to 100 dBFS and SNR performance of 76.4 dBFS. The
device's SFDR of 90 dBFS up to 300 MHz analog input and 60-femtosecond rms
(root mean square) jitter helps lower the signal chain bill of materials and
component count by allowing engineers to increase system performance at higher
intermediate frequencies, thereby reducing the number of signal down-conversion

MT9H004 Image Sensor

new high-performance APS-C format 16MP MT9H004 image sensor delivers maximum signal-to-noise ratio
across all scene lighting and ISO speed conditions. Other MT9H004 features
include 16MP still image capture at 10fps, live-view video support and
1080p/30fps HD video recording. A 5dB increase in SNR, approximately equivalent
to gaining two full f-stops of range for the camera lens aperture, is
achievable under low-light conditions without sacrificing performance


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