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Vestamid HTplus M1533

DN Staff

March 29, 2011

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Vestamid HTplus M1533

Evonik Industries' Vestamid HTplus M1533 is a 30 percent glassfiber-reinforced compound that contains an internal lubricant. Reducingfriction and minimizing abrasion, thepolyphthalamide (PPA) amplifies the durability of gearbox components andreduces the energy consumed in the application. The material extends the repairintervals because gearbox components made from Vestamid HTplus M1533 areself-lubricating. The new compound can be used in gear wheels, frictionbearings and ball bearing cages. Vestamid HTplus M1533 is available in two colors:natural and black.

Evonik is also adding 45 percent glassfiber-reinforced Vestamid HTplus M10345 to its PPA range. Thisthermally stable black compound is suitable for injection molding applicationsthat must withstand extremely high temperatures. Besides high chemicalresistance, molded parts made of Vestamid HTplus offerhigh dimensional stability and mechanical properties such as rigidity andtensile strength. Vestamid HTplus is suited for applications in whichmetals have traditionally been used. In addition to corrosion resistance, lowercomponent weight.

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