September 4, 2006

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DSM Somos has announced it will introduce several new materials based on what the company calls the Oxetane Advantage. "This year's new resin offerings reflect DSM Somos' commitment to driving the market forward with both material innovation and application development," says Eva Montgomery, Somos marketing manager.

In the earliest days of stereolithography, the materials were acrylate formulations. Then, with its successful 7100 series resin, DSM Somos introduced the world to the advantages of materials with epoxy-based chemistry. The latest advancement is oxetane chemistry, which the company first introduced with its very popular WaterShed 11120.

According to Montgomery, oxetane yields faster builds, higher green strength, improved moisture resistance and better dimensional stability. Currently in beta testing, DSM Somos will release several new Oxetane Advantage materials later this year. ProtoGen O-XT, which will be available in clear and white, is intended for general, multipurpose use. ProtoCast AF is designed for investment casting applications with its extremely low ash content and antimony-free formulation.

Also new is a nano-filled material called NanoTool. The company states that NanoTool offers a 30 percent increase in processing speed over existing composite resins, easy post processing and stiffness that is 300 percent greater than unfilled materials. For additional information on these materials, go to

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