Premix PRE-ELEC® EMI Shielding Compounds

July 17, 2006

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Premix PRE-ELEC® EMI Shielding Compounds

Electrically-conductive EMI shielding

Designed for electronics enclosure, this compound line comes in just about any thermoplastic resin system, using stainless steel fibers, carbon fibers, or nickel-coated carbon fibers. They come in PP, ABS, POM, PC, PBT, PA-6, PA-66, PPS PSul, PES and PEEK. In addition, TPU and various fluoropolymers contain these conductive additives. Stainless steel fiber additive compounds come in either fully compounded or dry-blended form. The latter has all additives in the resin except the stainless steel fibers, which can blend into the resin in a concentrate. Carbon fiber versions offer >30 dB, >40 dB or >50 dB shielding effectiveness, depending on the percentage of carbon additives. The nickel-coated carbon fiber versions have 90 dB shielding effectives with as little as 15 percent in the compound. Both carbon fiber and nickel-coated carbon fiber versions only come in fully compounded form. Premix Thermoplastics Inc.

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