Mott Corp.’s GasSaver® Spargers

August 19, 2009

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Mott Corp.’s GasSaver® Spargers

MATERIALS:  Mott Corp.’s porous metal GasSaver® spargers are the most efficient and durable devices for applications requiring the infusion of gases into liquids, slurries or semi-solid emulsions, and are the high-performance solution to gas-liquid mixing problems.They deliver the optimum balance of performance and cost because their design is matched to process requirements, and they employ porous metal gas diffuser elements which allow the introduction of tiny, micron size bubbles into a turbulently flowing stream of liquid.

Because they have no moving parts to wear out or fail, Mott GasSavers® are more cost-effective and extremely durable. They offer substantial savings in capital cost, maintenance expense and gas consumption. Enhanced reaction time means higher process throughput and reduced operating expense.

Applications include: deoxygenation, oxygenation, hydrogenation, direct steam injection, aeration and carbonation.


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