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IMPCO'S Field-Proven Impregnation Process

DN Staff

June 15, 2010

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IMPCO'S Field-Proven Impregnation Process

MATERIALS: Manufacturers and platers of powder metal parts can realize near zero reject rates for plated parts using IMPCO’s newly developed, proprietary field-proven impregnation process. Because of higher yield production results, the new process provides substantial savings in time and money over previous methods. The impregnation procedure utilizes a unique combination of resins, cleaning technologies, and unique Process Controls which collectively prevents spotting, bleedout and other plating defects.

Powder metal manufacturers and platers who use the IMPCO impregnation process dramatically decrease their finishing costs and increase productivity because fewer intermediate steps are required for full plating coverage, giving better decorative finishes and achieving higher corrosion resistance.

IMPCO’s PoreSeal™ resins have been specially formulated for the unique sponge-like attributes of P/M porosity, and the new impregnation process is fine-tuned combining proprietary, thorough rinsing techniques which are automatically matched to the various densities of the parts produced by powder metal part manufacturers. The result is a higher fill (nearly 100 percent) of complex porosity thus forming an impenetrable base for subsequent finishing processes. Traditional impregnation methods only partially fill P/M porosity allowing acids, salts, moisture and other contaminants to be trapped in parts, only to bleed out later and spoil the anti-corrosive or decorative finish of a part. With the new IMPCO Process, bleedout and its associated problems are virtually eliminated. In addition, P/M parts impregnated using the IMPCO process exhibit better machining qualities with reduced chatter, resulting in extended tool life of 2 to 5 times over traditional processing.

IMPCO also offers proprietary sealing resins for impregnating cast parts, wiring and electronic connectors. IMPCO resins are certified to current military impregnation standards (MIL-STD 276A and MIL-I-17563C), which form the basis of many aerospace, automotive, and general industry requirements. IMPCO will also custom engineer impregnation systems, providing all the equipment, materials, and ongoing technical assistance a customer needs to establish an in-house impregnating operation.


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