Giant Radial Forging Machine Targets Nickel Alloys

DN Staff

February 25, 2010

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Giant Radial Forging Machine Targets Nickel Alloys

An Austrian specialty metals’ producer- Bohler Edelstahl - is now operating the world’s largest radial forging machine. The RF100 from American GFM features a maximum forging force of 2000 metric tons. Forging with varying stroke frequencies and rotation angles can create a well-worked core structure as well as  improved surface quality. One of the reported benefits is improved microstructure, an important feature for critical aerospace and oilfield applications. One goal is to produce large round bars and billets of nickel alloy 718, 625 and Waspaloy. Bohler Edelstahl, which dates to 1860, focuses on production of high speed steels, tool steels and special materials, concentrating on highly demanding applications. The new generation radial forging machines type RF from GFM combine the technologies of a mechanical eccentric press with that of a hydraulic press.

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