Gap filler 3500S35

April 10, 2006

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Gap filler 3500S35

Industry-leading performance and softness

This new gap filling material offers 3.6 W/m-K thermal conductivity and Shore [00]-32 softness in one product. It is designed for automotive electronics, fiber optic telecommunications equipment, and low-pressure PCBA applications requiring thermal heat transfer of multi-height components to a universal heat sink. The 3500S35 can "wet-out" the interface surface, allowing it to reduce air voids at the application surface. This increases surface area contact and reduces interfacial resistance. In its gel-like liquid form, it fills air gaps and voids, but flows when acted upon by an external force, maintaining good thixotropic characteristics and low viscosity before curing. It is ideal for interfacing fragile components with high topography and/or stack-up tolerances to a universal heatsink housing. It's a two-part material that needs no refrigeration during storage, so it can be used right away, and will cure in about 15 hrs at room temperature. After curing, it is a low-modulus elastomer that helps relieve CTE stresses during thermal cycling, yet it maintains enough modulus to prevent pump-out from the interface. Options also include 7-mil glass beads.

The Bergquist Co.

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