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July 7, 2003

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Specialty bonding

This range of high-performance epoxies is created for specialty bonding and potting applications to 600F. Able to bond metals, ceramics, glasses, and plastics, the products are designed to offer chemical, electrical, and mechanical properties. Some of the epoxies are formulated for excellent flexibility or high vibration resistance, and others are designed with high corrosion resistance or exceptional bond strength. Aremco Products, Enter 577

Dispense System

Controlled system

The Shot Miser Dispense System is engineered for manual and semi-automatic dispensing of all single component, 0 to 80,000 viscosity adhesives. The product includes a controller, a reservoir, and a dispense valve with an electro-pneumatic timer. Triggered by a foot switch, the valve controller features a light that indicates when dispensing is in progress, an analog time adjustment feature, and timed or manual modes of operation. Henkel Locite Enter 578

UV curing coating

Fast curing

TRA-COAT 15C and 15D are part of a line of UV curing materials created for coating, doming, and structural applications. While the 15C reportedly offers great flexibility, the 15D is engineered to provide a more rigid cured coating. Both products are designed for such applications as the lamination of nameplates and labels, the encapsulation of circuit boards and other optical bonding, and the coating of plastic and metal parts. Tra-Con Inc., Enter 579

Adhesive transfer film

Adheres to skin

Bioflex(R) Rx230U is a medical grade unsupported acrylic adhesive transfer film that reportedly provides excellent adhesion to human skin. Created for such uses as wound care and ostomy products, it is supplied on a 60# white densified kraft release liner. The acrylic adhesive used on the product is designed for demanding applications and can be laminated to a variety of substrates. Scapa North America, Enter 580

Liquid crystalline polymer

High-density integration

R/flex(R) 3000 laminates are engineered to meet industry requirements for low/stable dielectric constant, low/stable dielectric loss, high chemical resistance, low moisture absorption, matched-in-plane CTE, and dimensional stability. The ceramic-filled, PTFE-based circuit materials RO3000(R) LCP are designed to provide electrical and mechanical stability. Rogers Corp., Enter 581

Metal Handles

Provides strength without breaking

Engineered to withstand over 150 lbs of force without bending or breaking, the expanded line of metal handle assemblies are used in VME, VME64X, VXI, PXI, and cPCI front panel applications. The patented construction reportedly allows fabrication of custom or standard handle designs up to 16 HP wide with dual or quad cams, and is created to promote secure injection/ejection of large boards with high-density backplane connectors. Triple E, Enter 582


Versatile use

The Indicator knob line is designed for easy use. Reportedly durable and versatile, the products are available in glossy or satin finishes and have either a line or a slot for setting indication. Available without tooling costs, the knob comes in three sizes: 1.25, 1.50, and 1.75 inches. Davies Molding, Enter 583

Adhesive Tape

Applies at many stages

The GS Series high-strength adhesive tape features a second liner added to its permanent, pressure-sensitive adhesive; this is designed to increase assembly and manufacturing ease. The product, which is available in a thickness of 5 to 50 mils, is engineered for use with wood, metal, glass, rigid composites, hook-and-loop fasteners, extruded polymers, polyethylene, and polypropylene. It has gap-filling properties and also serves as a moisture barrier. MACtac, Enter 584

Captive screws

Matches styling scheme

The Prism Series colored knob captive screws feature a stylized over-molded knob and use a durable UL94-VO rated composite material to add color. The product is hardened for additional torque strength and zinc-plated for increased corrosion resistance. Available in two Imperial thread sizes and multiple installation styles, the screws are designed for a variety of applications, including computers, networking and telecommunications, office equipment, and medical applications. Southco, Enter 585

Cordsets and coupling nuts

Rated for wash down

Picofast cordsets have new hex-shaped, 316 stainless steel coupling nuts with no knurling, allowing for easy cleaning. A world standard M8 thread and able to mate with any quick disconnect, the cordsets reportedly work well in food industry applications and other places that use caustic materials. The cordsets are rated to IP 68 and designed to withstand 1,200 psi wash down with water, detergents, and surfactants. TURCK Inc., Enter 586

Double-faced tape

With permanent and temporary adhesives

At 5-mil with a blue polyethylene liner, the Arclad(R) 8904 double-faced tape is designed for bonding CMP polishing pads to granite or with stainless steel platens used for semiconductor wafer polishing. While the permanent adhesive side is intended to bond aggressively to the polishing pad material, the other side contains a removable adhesive that can be cleanly eliminated from polishing platens after use. Engineered to withstand the shear forces of polishing, the product also provides resistance to water, extreme temperatures, and conventional CMP slurries. Adhesives Research Enter 587

Beryllium copper EMI gaskets

Fulfill shielding needs

The new line of BeCu EMI gaskets is designed to provide designers with all of their shielding needs from one manufacturer. Available worldwide, the products can offer shielding capability in a range of markets and applications. All are engineered to offer a consistent, low reactance electrical pathway while yielding mechanical spring contact properties in extreme temperatures and high cycle conditions. Schlegel Systems Inc., Enter 588

Die attach adhesive

Improves package reliability

As an electrically insulating die-attach adhesive for PBGA, flex BGA, and die-to-die applications, ABLEBOND 2025 offers 260C IR reliability for lead-free packaging assembly. Featuring fast or snap curing, this line of products is designed to have low stress, high hot/wet adhesion, and low moisture absorption. The combination of these attributes is intended to improve package reliability and reduce costs. Ablestik, Enter 589

Gasket material

Fast curing

Cho-Form(R) 5537 fast-curing, form-in-place EMI shielding gasket material is provided in 1/10-gal or 1-liter aluminum cartridges containing 600 or 2,000 gm of compound. The one-component, electrically conductive silicone elastomer contains nickel-plated particles, and is designed for use with the Cho-Form 5537 EMI gaskets. Designed to provide high levels of shielding and galvanic corrosion resistance when used on metal electronic enclosures, plated plastic, or conductively painted plastic, the gaskets reportedly cure at room temperature in approximately 4 hours. Chomerics, Enter 590

Epoxy Adhesive

Adheres to metals

EP22, the room temperature-curing, aluminum-filled, two-component epoxy adhesive, has a one-to-one mix ratio by weight or volume. Reportedly containing good void-filling properties and adhesion to metals, the product produces durable high strength and tough bonds; cures can be accelerated using heat. The bonds feature a resistance to thermal cycling and chemicals, including water, oil, and most organic solvents. Master Bond Inc., Enter 591

Studs and standoffs

Promote flush assemblies

These concealed-head self-clinching studs and standoffs can be mounted permanently in steel or aluminum sheets as thin as .062 inch/1.6 mm. With a concealed-head design for flush assemblies, the side of the sheet opposite installation can reportedly stay smooth and unaffected by the fastening process. The studs are available in thread sizes #4-40 through #10-32 and M3 through M5; lengths go from 0.25 through 1 inch and 6 through 25 mm. Standoffs are offered in thread sizes #4-40 through .25-20 and M3 through M6; lengths go from 0.187 to 1 inch and 4 through 25 mm. PEM Fastening Systems Enter 592

Universal contact

Standardizes interfacing across devices

Designed to overcome interconnect constraints, the Universal Contact is surface mountable with a minimum pitch of 1.35 mm. The maximum current rating for the product is 2A nominal and 3A peak at 3V dc. The device is plated with beryllium copper, and the miniature footprint allows for placement under such things as microphones. The X-Y-Z movement is designed to provide a robust connection between the contact and the component assembly during shock and vibration. ITT Industries, Cannon, Enter 593

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