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June 2, 2003

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Dielectric adhesive

For stacked die applications

Formulated with a high thermal conductivity filler and collapsible spacers that deliver uniform bond lines, QMI 9503 was developed for stacked die packages. This adhesive can be used to attach integrated circuits and components to advanced substrates used in PBGAs, CSPs, and array packages based on flexible tape and organic laminates. QMI 9503 is reportedly effective for high-speed ASIC and power devices where effective heat dissipation is critical to package performance. Henkel Loctite Corp. Enter 637

Wire saddles

Locks wire in place

The Micro Wire Saddle Locking Top (MWSLT) series is said to be ideal for routing wires. According to the company, it is also designed for fiber optic cable. Reportedly, fiber can be easily inserted into the saddle with no chance of crimping with the hinged top of the wire saddle open. The micro-size saddle is suited for low profile applications. In addition, it is available in both V-2 as well as V-0 rated nylon. Richco Enter 638

Industrial fastening

Provides cost savings

Eco-cone(TM) assembly provides a high clamp load and improved load compensation for thermal expansion, joint relaxation, and vibration. It offers a free spinning special lock washer with a two-step spring rate, which provides a constant load, compensates for load fluctuations, and applies load gently and uniformly. Eco-cone washer assembly, with pan head machine screw, is suited for both the electronics and white goods industries. Bossard Classic Enter 639

Conductive adhesive

Simplifies mixing

CHO-BOND(R) 584-29-featuring a pair of syringes, one containing a hardener and one with the conductive resin separated by a connector-provides easier mixing and more precise application. The compounds are mixed between the syringes, and one syringe is used to apply the mixed conductive adhesive. CHO-BOND 584-29 has a minimum lap shear strength of 1,200 psi. Chomerics, Enter 640

Heat insertion equipment

For post-mold insert installation

Automatic Insert Drivers (Model HA) are self-contained. In a vibratory feeder, the insert is oriented and fed to a heated shuttle mechanism that positions the insert directly underneath the insertion quill, the company says. In addition, Semi-Automatic Insert Drivers (Model HP) require that the insert be manually loaded into the part. When actuated, the pneumatic-powered action of the machine, coupled with an adjustable timer, completes the installation. Manual Insert Drivers (Model HM), also requiring manual load, complete the installation by pulling the arbor press lever. Spirol Int'L Corp. Enter 641

Magnet bonding adhesives

Saves time and reduces processing steps

The 800 Series light and activator curing adhesives for bonding metal, ferrite, and ceramics, fixture in as little as 30 sec at room temperature. The adhesives reportedly exhibit bond strengths up to 3,000 psi or more and create durable, reliable assemblies. They aid in automation of gapped and ungapped cores, dc motors, speaker magnets, alternators, and flywheels. Also included in the new line are Multi-Cure(R) 600 Series adhesives that cure with both activator and UV light. Dymax Corp. Enter 642

Cable installations

Organize with multi-level cable

CADDY(R) Fasteners, a flexible alternative for high performance cable installations, permits segregation, easier cable pulling with 2- and 4-inch J-Hook pulleys, and fewer rod drops. Depending on the quantity and location of cables, installers can use CATHBA Series and AFAB Series angle brackets to create modular installations by adding CADDY CableCat J-Hooks of different sizes. A variety of configurations can be created based on specific job requirements. ERICO Inc. Enter 643

Rear release connectors

Provides easy insertion

The GTC-M, a reverse bayonet style connector, incorporates hard dielectric inserts, rear insertion/rear release contacts, silicone grommets, and interfacial seals, as well as metal clip contact retention. The connector also features a captivated coupling-nut assembly that allows unmating without the rear accessories attached. GTC-M connectors are available in contact sizes of 0, 4, 8, 12, 16, and 16S, and are ideal for applications that require heavy-duty connections including railway, mass transit, commercial, and geophysical applications. Amphenol Corp. Enter 644

Spray bond process

Resists vibration

The NYLOK BLUE TORQ-PATCH(R) process, used to spray bond blue nylon powder onto the threads of locknuts, provides a self-locking ability and vibration resistance. TORQ PATCH can be applied with patch coverage up to 360 degrees to any grade standard hex nut as small as #10 (M5) and up. The nylon material is resistant to lubricants, fuels, hydraulic fluids, and most commercial solvents. It works in temperatures from -70 to 250F. Nylok Corp. Enter 645

Frame clamp

Provides consistent clamping force

Series PCF Frame Clamp unit's wide jaw throat accommodates large parts with simple tooling, making it ideal for heavy parts clamping. The clamp features a rugged design for consistent clamping force throughout a wide power window. Benefits include a total clamping force of 11,250 lbs, modular design allowing the jaws and bushing block to be easily removed for modification, and weld cover option to protect internal mechanisms from flying sparks and debris. PHD Inc. Enter 646

Shaft collars

Prevents slip

The EasyLock(TM) shaft collars system, comprising of two pintles, installs quickly without special tools to provide non-slip holding of tools and reels on smooth, case-hardened shafts. The quick-release system is reportedly designed for high volume production where frequent changeovers of shaft-mounted tools, reels, or other objects are revealed. Applications include spooling, slitting, rewinding, packaging machinery, various types of roll-fed converting equipment, and static procedures such as holding down mounting plates and machine covers. Amacoil Inc. Enter 647

Insulation couplings

Broader range of sizes

Klo-Shure(R) Insulation Coupling support copper tubing up to 41/8-inch diameter, up from 21/8-inch diameter, and secure and seal tubular insulation with a .50-, .75 or 1-inch wall thickness. Two styles of the high-strength plastic coupling are available. The basic version connects two lengths of insulation and supports tubing at clevis hangers. Another version is packaged with two clamp halves, fastener, and locknut, and is designed for strut-mounted suspension devices. Klo-Shure Company Enter 648


Comfortable to hold

ComfortGrip T-handles, with fewer pressure points and less strain on the user, offer maximum working comfort and power. Molded-on handles give a full T-handle grip. A supporting hand on the handle reportedly produces additional stability when using the side blade. This prevents the blade from suddenly slipping out of the screw head. ComfortGrip is available in Ball End Hex inch/metric or Torx tip styles. Wiha Tools, Enter 649

Aqueous additive

Provides rapid static dissipation

Staticon 452, an additive designed for applications where anti-static properties are reportedly desirable, features a polymetric structure that makes it a highly versatile chemical agent for use with adhesives. Staticon 452 can be used as a direct stir-in additive with the exact amounts based on the level of static dissipation required. At an approximate pH of 9, it is suitable for most liquids in the neutral to high basic range. ADM Tronics, Enter 650

UV curable adhesive

Provides outstanding strength

LITE-LOK 495, designed for the structural bonding of plastics and the sealing of plastic assemblies, reportedly has outstanding chemical resistance to detergent, carpet, and floor cleaning solutions. The adhesive has durability, impact resistance, and water resistance to many plastics, including acrylics, polycarbonate, PVC, and many others. The material is 100% solids with no solvents or by-products upon curing. Permabond Enter 651

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