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October 6, 2003

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For outdoor enclosures, watercraft

The M1 flush-turn compression latch is designed for outdoor marine applications requiring sealed latches and a flush panel surface. Made of stainless steel, the latch features a highly polished look, 5 mm of compression, and an IP-65/NEMA 12 rating for critical seals. The latch requires no protruding hardware and comes with mounting screws. Six pawl options are available. Southco, Enter 641


For optical and electrical devices

Glass transfer tape is designed for assembly of scientific glass, optical cells, and other optical and electrical devices. Model G1017 glass transfer tape is specifically made for Pyrex(R) parts. Uniform in a layer from 0.002 to 0.004-inch thick, G1017 tape replaces the direct fusing of Pyrex. The frit material is a blend of lead/zinc/borosilicate components that fire green at temperatures of 490-540F. The material is hermetically sealed upon cooling. Vitta Corp., Enter 642


Self-piercing, single operation

Self-piercing, double-headed FAS-NER(R) adds surface area to the head and is excellent for thin gauge top material. The product installs via the company's FAS-NER SYSTEM(R), and is a punch and die that automatically feeds, punches, inserts, and locks the fastener in one operation. The system also joins dissimilar metals and thicknesses. FAS-NERs are available in plated steel or aluminum. AKH Inc., Enter 643


Available in 250-yd rolls

Users may bond dissimilar materials, such as silicone to non-silicone substrates, with 3281A double-coated adhesive PSA tape. The tape can be die-cut and the liner will stay in place during lamination and remain until removal. Double-coated tape is effective at -40 to 325F. Applications include silicone, sponge, and rubber gaskets, weather-stripping and sound-proofing materials. Tyco Adhesives, Enter 644


For indoor, outdoor use

Kee Klamp(R) slip-on structural pipe fittings connect tubular pipe structures. Three sizes have been added to the line. Models P50, P51, and P57 are designed with modified offset slots to accept panels and flooring and attach to Size 8 standard pipes. The clamps are made from malleable cast iron, and feature case hardened set screws and galvanizing throughout. Kee Industrial Products, Enter 645


For axial holding power

Micro-adjustable, positioning shaft collars provide fine-tuning adjustment in either direction. Each assembly contains two knurled collars that clamp directly to shafts and male-female connecting hub that offers a 0.5-inch adjustment range. The products are available in nine sizes from 0.25- to 1.5-inch I.D., in steel or stainless steel, and adjust in both directions on the shaft. Stafford Manufacturing Corp., Enter 646


Non-flammable, non-polluting

Water-based adhesives are viscous and ideal for bonding polyester to paper. EVR-31-T is non-flammable, non-polluting, and designed for wet or dry lamination processes. Apply the adhesive using standard or wide variety custom equipment. Applications include packaging, converting, printing, coating, food, and graphic arts. ADM Tronics, Enter 647


Various mounting brackets available

Machine supports that prevent walking and sway are available for large and small machinery. The horizontal Wedgmount(R) supports feature damping and cushioning capabilities that reportedly dissipate up to 90% of horizontal load forces. Units have four supports, each of which withstand forces from 5,000 to 250,000 lbs. The products are available with pads, brackets, and hardware. Clark-Cutler McDermott Co., Enter 648


Supplied in various packages

Three expandable sealants designed to reduce weight and maximize material usage in automotive assemblies for OEMs are available. ND 400 is used to reduce vibration in stamped body panels. ND 500 is non-tacky, thermoplastic, and ideal for injection molding and laminates. ND 700 is tough and fuel resistant, and made for large expansion in high-temperature applications. ND Industries, Enter 649


Positive contact retention

Easy insertion, positive stops, and secure mating are features of the GTM-C Series of rear-release connectors, developed for heavy-duty applications. The series is a group of reverse bayonet-style connectors that include high dielectric inserts, rear insertion/rear release contacts, and silicon grommets and interfacial seals. Applications include railways, mass transit, and commercial and geophysical uses. Amphenol Corp. Enter 650


Easier die cutting and removal

The IB-1185 bonding product is a rubber-based adhesive designed for gasketing, sound dampening, and dust sealing in the automotive industry. The adhesive has a 12-point liner and polyester carrier, providing dimensional stability and excellent die-cutting properties. It reportedly has excellent lay-down properties, and is a high-tack, general-purpose formula. MACtac, Enter 651


Large centerline routing holes

For a better DIN-rail mounting option, an aluminum raised rail offers panel designers center mounting slots, large cable routing holes, and 1 or 2m lengths. The rail has standard height but reduced width (1.38 inch) for easier wire termination into components. Cable holes are located on 6-inch centers. The mounting holes accommodate slotted, Phillips, and hex head screws. Phoenix Contact, Enter 652


Custom lengths available

The VC/EV Series of vinyl round caps are designed for capping irregular shapes. The caps resist tearing, cracking, and splitting, and protect bolts, screws, and threaded and non-threaded tubes. They are also used to mask items for plating, painting, and coating. Standard caps are available in black or red, come in 140 sizes, and withstand temperatures to 325F. Niagara Plastics Co., Enter 653

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