Fastening, Joining, and Assembly

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April 22, 2002

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Fastening, Joining, and Assembly

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Attaching system

The AVERY DENNISON MicroTach(TM) Attaching System is a trigger-operated hand tool, intended to insert T-End(TM) fasteners through packaging and fabrics materials. The polycarbonate hand tool includes an optional brush anvil. Avery Dennison, Enter 653

Marine latch

This 316-grade, stainless steel, Flush Pull latch is designed to offer corrosion-resistance and high load bearing for use in marine applications such as storage compartments, floor lockers, anchor lockers, and pleasure boat seating areas. Made with hands-free slam latching, it can be actuated from inside a compartment or cabin. Other industry applications include medical equipment, aerospace, RV, railway, and emergency vehicles. Southco, Enter 654

Self-clinching fasteners

PEM(R) self-clinching nuts, studs, and standoffs are designed for installation in stainless steel sheets as thin as 0.8 mm, and require only a mating screw. Fasteners are made from stainless steel and heat-treated, and reportedly resist corrosion. A standard press is used for installation. Applications for these fasteners include the medical and foodservice equipment industries. PEM Fastening Systems, Enter 655

Compression latch

This 316 grade, stainless steel, compression latch has an internal and external seal, designed for both indoors and outdoors to protect against contaminants. Made to be corrosion-resistant, the latch has the company's Vise Action features of vibration resistance and compression against gasketing. The two latch versions, the adjustable-pawl style and minimal protrusion style, may be applied to the railway, marine, medical, food equipment, and telecommunication industries. Southco, Enter 656

Fastener coating

Nylo-Tech 360, the company's nylon-patch fastener coating, is designed to offer 360-degree thread coverage with five-time reusability. Featuring a constant milligram-per-thread quantity, it reportedly conforms to thread shape. Engineered for flexibility, the patch may be altered in thickness or torque, according to its application, and can serve as an alternative to insert nuts. Forest City Technologies, Inc., Enter 657

Transfer adhesive

An electrically conductive transfer adhesive, Arclad(R) 9032 features a polyester film release liner. The 1-mil tape is used in computers, PDAs, cellular phones, automotive electronics, modems, and disk drives to fabricate electrical interconnections, ground plane assemblies, and EMI shields. According to the company, the adhesive may be processed into die-cut components by fabricators and tape converters. Adhesives Research Inc., Enter 658

Cable-tie hooks

PEM(R) Type TDO(TM) self-clinching cable-tie hooks reportedly provide fastening points for mounting wires to enclosures or electronic chassis. Hooks do not require screws or adhesive, nor chassis or enclosure openings, which assists EMI/RFI shielding and minimizes chance of contamination. Cable-tie hooks may install in sheets as thick as 3.18 mm or as thin as 1.02 mm. PEM Fastening Systems, Enter 659


Cho-Form(R) 5541 gaskets are reportedly corrosion-resistant and provide form-in-place EMI shielding. The single component material contains nickel-plated graphite particles in an electrically conductive silicone elastomer. Available with 350g or compound in 6 oz. cartridges, the gasket is designed to withstand harsh environments, such as high temperatures, urban gas, and salt fog. Chomerics, Enter 660

Flow underfill

The Loctite(R) 3568 is a capillary flow underfill, made to cure in 5 to 15 minutes in 150 to 165C temperature exposure. In the instance of a defective chip, this epoxy-based liquid allows for the replacement of polyimide and silicone nitride passivated flip-chips, CSP, BGA, and uBGA assemblies. Underfill is suitable for applications with consumer electronic devices and multi-chip packages. Loctite, Enter 661


Designed to protect wires and cables, the company's conduit line is used in electrical, machinery, and harness wiring applications. Types of conduits include: Round and Oval Insulating Conduit, Split Design Conduit, Flexible Conduit, and Convey Flexible Conduit. Alliance Plastics, Enter 662

Epoxy adhesive

HP 250 is a heat-resistant epoxy adhesive that reportedly withstands heat, chemicals, and impact, making it suitable for bonding applications up to 250F. This thixotropic paste offers a viscosity of 105,000 cps, tensile shear strength of 3,200 psi, and peel strength of 35-40 pli. Applications include metals, ceramics, glass, plastics, concrete, wood, and composites. Devcon, Enter 663


The ARclean(TM) 9008 and ARclean(TM) 9033 double-sided tapes are designed as electronically clean, acrylic acid-free adhesives for perimeter spacer bonding. Used in resistive touch screens, these adhesives reportedly feature low extractable ions, reduce environmental aging, and minimize corrosion. The ARclean 9008 comes with a 3.0-mil thickness and the ARclean 9033 has a 7.5-mil thickness, both available with the necessary caliper. Adhesives Research Inc., Enter 664

Wire/hose sleeving

Hookit(R) wire and hose sleeving reportedly offers a thermal rating of 125C, resistance to industrial fluids, and low temperature flexibility. A self-closing system provides accessibility for rework, inspection, and component replacement. The product's body and loop consist of polyester material and the hook portion consists of lightweight nylon monofilaments. It is suited for larger size harness oversleeving. Federal Mogul Corporation, Enter 665

Long flex life tubing

Tygon(R) Long Flex Life Tubing is designed with reportedly extensive chemical resistance and low particulate spallation for use in pharmaceutical, lab, industrial, and food and beverage applications. According to the company, it can last in a peristaltic pump for up to 800 hours, and meets USP Class VI and FDA criteria. Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics Corp., Enter 666


Soft Key is an overlay with urethane-encapsulated keys, designed to improve membrane keypad functionality. According to the company, the keypad has a raised effect that reportedly enhances individual key or button position. Overlays are available in a variety of colors and shapes, and with an optional display window. Used as an alternative to molded rubber technology, overlays fit applications in medical electronics, scanning equipment, controls, and video games. Marking Specialists/Pti, Enter 667

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