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October 15, 2001

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Barbed fittings

Dubl-Barb(R) fittings, designed to connect polyethylene tubing, feature .25- to 3/8-inch tube sizes with up to 150 psi pressure range, and temperatures from -65 to 90F. Made from CA 360 or CA 345 brass rod, the one-piece, push-on fittings are intended for use with the company's Parflex(R) polyethylene tubing or its equivalent to resist environmental stress cracking.

Parker Hannifin,

Enter 609

Labeling system

Front/Back Labeling System simultaneously applies two labels to the front and back sides of a product. The system can be made with stainless-steel side frames or Versalum Low Profile aluminum side frames, which allows for add-on optional equipment without the need for machinery. A conveyor base includes Y axis traverse and modular applicator mounting bases. Other features include wrap station, feedscrews, and belt aligners.

CTM Integration Inc.,

Enter 610


Used in networking and data communications equipment, Networking Cabinets are welded steel cabinets with top and bottom vent panels designed to bring in cold air through the bottom and release hot air through the top. The "chimney effect" reportedly prolongs life expectancy of internally mounted equipment. Features include removable doors and side panels, pre-cut fan openings, and reversible hinges.


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"Combination Lock" Swinghandles and quarter-turn latches allow users access with a sequence of digits, due to new actuators. The Swinghandle latch, when paired with round or flat linkage rods, is engineered for multipoint door latching systems, as well as the company's rectangular openings for swing-handles. Doors that are 20 mm thick with a 16- x 19-mm installation opening may employ the longer housing of the quarter-turn latches. Both latches are available in die-cast zinc.


Enter 612


Methacrylate adhesives-including Plastic Welder(TM), Welder FS, and Metal Welder(TM)- are designed to eliminate surface preparation for hard-to-bond plastics, composites, and dissimilar substrates. Rapidly curing at room temperature, the adhesives reportedly do not drip in vertical or overhead applications. The company's epoxy adhesives bond metals, glass, composites, concrete, ceramics, plastics, and wood, curing at room temperature.


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Pulse welding

The Power MIG 300, a wire feeder welder reportedly capable of synergic multi-processing, uses Chopper Technology(R) to achieve better starts, stabler arcs, and wider sweet spots. With 200 to 575 input voltage, the welder operates on 300A at 60% duty cycle, and up to 700 ipm wire feed speeds. Capable of aluminum pulse welding, it self-adjusts voltage, automatically aligns wire-feed speed, and allows users to change parameters.

Lincoln Electric Co.,

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ABLEBOND(R) 2025 series die-attach adhesives are said to feature low stress, snap-cure ability, low moisture absorption, and high hot/wet adhesion. Intended for PBGA, flex BGA, and die-to-die applications, these electric-ally insulating adhesives consist of 260C IR reliability in a lead-free package. According to the company, the series may reduce user cost and improve package reliability.

Ablestik Laboratories,

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Structural adhesive

Used in metal bonding applications, Plexus MA820 Methacrylate Metal Bonding Adhesive consists of a nonsagging gel with no surface tack curing, 4 to 6 minutes working time, and little odor. Adhesive is available in cartridges, pails, and drums, and needs little surface preparation and no primers. Industry applications include manufacturing for bus, marine, RV, and heavy trucks, with bonding uses on stainless steel, aluminum, composites, and thermoplastics.

ITW Plexus,

Enter 616

Wire and cable products

The company crosslinks wire and cable products to improve tensile strength, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, and high-temperature thermal resistance. Crosslinking works with diameter size ranges from small wires to large cables up to 3 inches in diameter. Applications for crosslinked wire and cable include aircraft, welding cable, automotive, marine cable, and communications.

E-BEAM Services,

Enter 617

Ceramic adhesive

Ceramabond(R) 835 zirconia-filled ceramic adhesive is designed for high-speed production automatic dispensing systems. Featuring 3,000F operating temperature resistance, it reportedly cures fully in 60 minutes through a two-step curing process. Adhesive reportedly maintains 200 V/mil dielectric strength and 500 to 600 psi tensile shear strength after being exposed to 1,000F. According to the company, it is moisture and thermal shock resistant, and causes less than 1% shrinkage on curing.

Aremco Products,

Enter 618

Flap discs

CYCLONE Abrasive Flap Discs, made of layered zirconium grain flaps, provide finish for steel, stainless steel, and other materials. Available in 4- to 7-inch diameters, the discs have different grit sizes and integral arbors. Fast cutting action is reportedly achieved due to abrasive grain exposure through a natural working angle. Applications include weld blending, grinding, deburring, and removing scale stock or slag.

Anderson Products,

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Square base

The "square base with threaded stud" reportedly offers high solvent resistance and shear and peel strength. Designed as a molded nylon base with threaded stud, it consists of all-purpose acrylic adhesive with VHB white closed-cell acrylic foam carrier. The base comes in 1032, .25-20, and 5/16 thread sizes in .50-, .75-, and 1-inch lengths. The base is also available without VHB adhesive foam.

Micro Plastics Inc.,

Enter 620

Knurling holders

ORKTLAR and ORKTCUP holders are made for knurling applications. ORKTLAR holders, used for flat parts surfaces or ends of round work diameters, come in 1-inch or 1.25-inch square shanks. Applications for ORKTLAR include CNC turning centers and other turning machines. ORKTCUP holder, available in .75- or 1-inch diameter round shank, is designed to mount "cup" style knurling die. Applications include shouldered work areas requiring knurling.

Accu Trak Tool

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