DIRAK SNAP- Joiner Now Available With Grounding Clip

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April 20, 2010

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DIRAK SNAP- Joiner Now Available With Grounding Clip

MATERIALS: DIRAK has expanded its SNAP-Joiner product offering to include a joiner with an integral grounding clip to address the growing global concern for grounding in electrical applications across many industries.

The new 1-043SL SNAP-Joiner combines the function of mechanically connecting two sheet metal panels together while simultaneously creating an automatic and secure metal-to-metal connection between two coated or uncoated sheet metal panels. Therefore, just one of the two panels has to be grounded.

The teeth of the grounding clip are designed to ensure penetration of painted or powder-coated surfaces therefore establishing an electrical connection between the merged panels in all applications. After installation, the grounding clip is still visible, allowing for visual inspection. If the grounding clip is present, the connection is present.

An added feature of the new 1-043 SNAP-Joiner includes the ability to remove the joiner from the face of the joiner. The actuation tool can be inserted into the slot on the face of the SNAP- Joiner. Once the tool is inserted and turned clockwise, the tool remains captive in the slot allowing the user to pull the SNAP-Joiner from the panel.

The 1-043 SNAP-Joiner requires a cut-out of 30 X 14 mm (1.177 inches X 0.547 inches) on a sheet metal panel and can join two panels with a combined thickness of 3.6 mm to 9.1 mm (0.142 inches to 0.358 inches).


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