Devcon® Adhesives Cure with UV Light, Heat, or Both

DN Staff

April 7, 2010

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Devcon® Adhesives Cure with UV Light, Heat, or Both

MATERIALS: ITW Devcon’s Tru-BondTM Dual Cure Adhesives cure to a hard, scratch-resistant surface with UV light, visible light, heat, or combinations of light and heat. They are ideal for producing protective, decorative, and dome coatings as well as for potting, wire tacking, and tamper proofing applications.

In the presence of air, the free radicals in most UV acrylic adhesives react with atmospheric oxygen and, through a process known as oxygen inhibition, interfere with surface curing. The result is often a slimy or tacky surface, and expensive high-intensity UV lamps are required to ensure proper curing. The unique chemistry of Devcon® Dual Cure Adhesives, however, overcomes oxygen inhibition barriers to allow curing with low-cost, low-intensity black lights. In fact, standard fluorescent black lights rated as low as 15 watts (available at most hardware stores) are sufficient to cure Tru-BondTM Dual Cure Adhesives totally tack-free. These adhesives can be used to produce thick, wrinkle-free surfaces because their depth of cure is greater than most UV-cured coatings. They can also be tinted with pigments to create almost any color as well as unusual visual effects.


-Edited by Kelsey Anderson

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