Ceramabond 503 19807

April 10, 2006

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Ceramabond 503

Gets stronger the hotter it gets

This inorganic, water-dispersed, alumina-filled ceramic adhesive is made to bond and seal thermocouple probes in high-temperature environments up to 3,200F (1,760C). It can be put on with a brush, spatula or syringe, and cures in one to two hours at 700F. It gets stronger the hotter it gets, with tensile-shear strength of 900 psi through curing at 1,000F. It's an inert, chemically-resistant adhesive that won't outgas in ultra high vacuum, and, as an electrical insulator, has a resistivity of 109 V-cm and a dielectric strength of 250 V/mil. It can also be used in the assembly of dense ceramic components used in ultra-high vacuum equipment, repairing of ceramic saggar plates, and bonding and coating of platinum/rhodium resistance wires to aluminum oxide heaters and other applications.

Aremco Products Inc.


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