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ChatGPT Impresses Arduino Programmer

Open AI program has benefits for embedded projects, according to this YouTube video.

Spencer Chin

February 6, 2023


The open AI program ChatGPT has drawn a lot of attention recently, not all of it positive. For instance, there’s concern about the program being used in schools and universities to ghost write papers. In content generation, attempts to use ChatGPT to write articles produced factual errors that needed human intervention to correct. There’s also concern that the program may not complete codes, creating additional issues.

But the program appears to have proponents in the world of embedded programming. In one YouTube video, an Arduino user called Hangaga developed a number of Arduino-based projects, of increasingly complexity, where he used ChatGPT to generate the code. The program did so within minutes in several projects. Hangaga did admit that the program stalled in cases where there was a lot of code, but overall he was impressed. Also, several people commenting on his video suggested workarounds.

While it is too easy to generalize from one programmer’s experience, it appears ChatGPT could be a useful aid to users handling some electronics projects, at least of moderate complexity. To learn more, view the video on GPT and Arduino..


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Spencer Chin

Senior Editor, Design News

Spencer Chin is a Senior Editor with Design News, covering the electronics beat.

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