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Aptina Imaging Corp.'s MT9M033

Article-Aptina Imaging Corp.'s MT9M033

Aptina Imaging Corp.'s MT9M033

Designed with Aptina patented Dual Conversion Gain (DCG) technology and multi-exposure HDR (High Dynamic Range) imaging techniques, the MT9M033 HD megapixel image sensor uniquely offers both HDR and excellent low light sensitivity for digital camera manufacturers. DCG technology allows programmable conversion gain adjustment globally across all pixels to match the overall light level in the scene automatically in day or night mode. When coupled with a true correlated double sampling technique, this new HD image sensor can achieve a low read noise of <2e- rms and leading-edge quantum efficiency of more than 60 percent-unachievable by conventional CMOS image sensors today. Today, high-definition (HD) video has become the prevalent viewing standard. However, capturing high-quality 60 frames per second (fps) HD video in all lighting conditions - ranging from very high-contrast to very dark scene - with low-power consumption is extremely challenging. Historically, megapixel sensors could provide HDR or excellent low light sensitivity, but not both. With recent sensor developments from Aptina, camera designers no longer need to compromise between performance, HDR, and low-light sensitivity to create a true HD camera. Aptina implemented a multi-exposure technique that increases the dynamic range by 25 percent over typical high contrast scenes and insures that one can take a good picture in any lighting condition. Comparatively, the conventional lateral overflow method, divides the pixel full-well into multiple parts, limiting light collection. Aptina's system allows complete utilization of each pixel's full well capacity, making this multi-exposure method far superior in terms of controlling blooming. Addressing motion artifacts that typically plague the market's HDR cameras, Aptina added special readout and processing schemes to the MT9M033 to eliminate this problem.

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