Excel Gear Switches from Guns to Green

October 19, 2010

Gearbox producer Excel Gear has pivoted from producing a
five-axis, materials handling crane and battleship gun turret gearbox to providing
gearboxes for the wind power industry. In addition, Excel Gear has recently
been asked to provide engineering as well as components for wind energy repair
service companies. Excel Gear says that wind energy OEMs have only recently
sought to extend their domestic supplier base to keep up with the growing
demand for gearboxes, gears and repair services.

Excel Gear is an engineering-based company with expertise
originating from the machine tool and materials handling equipment industries.
The company designs and manufactures custom gearing. Excel Gear also designs,
builds and tests gearboxes and complex high-speed spindles and CNC heads.

Excel Gear Switches from Guns to Green

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