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Agilent Technologies' Multimeter¦DC Power Supply (U3606A)

Agilent Technologies' Multimeter¦DC Power Supply	(U3606A)

Agilent's U3606A is a combination of a 5 A.50-digit digital multimeter (DMM) and a 30W dual-range dc power supply. The DMM and power supply can operate simultaneously and independently, providing efficient, affordable testing and saving space on the bench or in a rack. The feature-packed U3606A is an innovation, establishing a new category of space-saving instrumentation with its launch. The hybrid instrument is ideal for basic instrument users in the general purpose market, including consumer electronics, semiconductor and communication segments. Unlike DMM and power supplies that offer only single functionality but require separate controls, the U3606A operates simultaneously and independently to simplify test setup and system integration. The new hybrid conveniently combines a 5A.50-digit DMM and 30-W power supply in a single unit, without compromising the functions on both instruments. U3606A provides niche four-wire milliohm measurements that are traditionally accomplished through milli-ohmmeters. This enables tests particularly in semiconductor or coil contact applications. U3606A introduces on-board sweep function for multi-level DC bias test that usually requires software control. Auto ramp or scan modes enable sweep test using the front panel, without any programming involved. This hybrid allows up to 10,000 steps of ramp level in a user-defined time. It simplifies setup configuration for reliability test and power on/off test. The U3606A improves productivity by introducing niche features to stretch test capabilities. It is affordable, space- and cost-saving and simplifies test setup.

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