Aerospace Acquisition, COVID-19 Components, Supply Chain Help, and Sensors

Suppliers provide components, COVID-19 relief, battery supply chain help and more.
  • New Wave Design and Verification Acquires FlightWire

    New Wave Design and Verification, LLC., a provider of high-performance digital electronic interface solutions for the Defense/Aerospace market, announced that it has acquired FlightWire Technology, Inc., a principal provider of 1394b AS5643 (MIL-1394) solutions. This acquisition combines two premier MIL-1394 companies, considerably expanding the resources, expertise, and offerings of MIL-1394 embedded, test, and maintenance products and services by New Wave DV.

    “FlightWire is a recognized leader in the MIL-1394 sustainment and laboratory equipment market,” stated Richard Mourn, President of FlightWire. “By joining forces with New Wave DV, a recognized leader in MIL-1394 embedded and test interface hardware, we are creating endless potential in the aerospace and defense market. Together we will provide a one-stop shop for sustainment and laboratory equipment, flight hardware, and FPGA IP along with testing, validation and training services.” Mourn will join New Wave DV as the Product Line Director of MIL-1394.

    “Richard has done a fantastic job building and growing FlightWire to become a tremendous value for the industry,” stated Josh Dirlam, CEO of New Wave DV. “We are excited for FlightWire to join our team and to continue serving our critical partners with exceptional MIL-1394 solutions, support and expertise.” (Image Source: New-Wave-Design)

  • Touchless Rotary Sensors

    Novotechnik U.S. introduces the Vert-X 37E Series of programmable touchless rotary sensors. These sensors use a magnetic pick up that is secured to the rotating object, so that there is no direct mechanical linkage between the shaft and the measuring system, and therefore no wear.

    Further, these sensors are hermetically sealed, without any moving seals, to the IP68 specification and therefore provides long life even under the harshest water, dust and oil environments.

    Vert-X 37E Series can be programmed by customers or at the factory for the slope of the linear output, zero and end-points, mid-point and switch steps, so customers can order angle sensors optimized for their specific application. These sensors can help achieve time and cost savings by eliminating the need for other components to specify the angle end points, choose an intermediate plateau, sense of rotation function, CW or CCW or create V-output.

    Vert-X 37E Series sensors are absolute sensors so they retain their values even after power interruptions. They have compact designs of 1.45 inch diameter. Other Vert-X Series’ sensors are available which have larger or smaller dimensions depending on the model. (Image Source: Novotechnik)

  • Looking for COVID-19 Response Components?

    In these uncertain times, it is imperative that its customers quickly adapt to the changing needs of the medical device industry. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, Qosina has been committed to being a one-stop source for critical medical components.

    The company carries a broad product line and supplies components that can be used in a wide variety of devices, including fluid delivery, ICU equipment and enteral feeding.

    Recently, the FDA issued a series of guidance documents that provide policies to help expand the availability of devices to address the COVID-19 public health emergency. This allows more flexibility for manufacturers to make device modifications that cover manufacturing limitations or supply shortages related to COVID-19 without prior approval. (Image Source: Qosian)

  • OEMs Escape Supply Chain Disruptions by Shifting Battery Pack and Charger Production Out of China

    Supply chain disruptions resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic have put a strain on the ability of companies to manufacture in China, leading to component and finished good shortages wordwide, and many observers see prolonged instability and uncertainty regarding China as the pandemic continues.

    In response, Global Technology Systems, Inc. (GTS) has initiated a new program that enables companies to flee the instability and uncertainty associated with manufacturing in China by quickly and easily moving battery pack and charger manufacturing to the GTS facilities in Taiwan.

    For nearly two decades, GTS has manufactured quality battery packs and chargers for large and small companies and government agencies in its facilities, as well as offered full design services with complete turn-key services and logistics support as needed.

    The company offers OEMs immediate cost savings of up to 25%, along with IP security and low minimum order quantities (MOQs). Low MOQs help OEMs improve cash flow by reducing battery inventories and investments. On behalf of its OEM customers, GTS leverages its long-term relationships with manufacturers of the highest performing Japanese battery cells, bringing unmatched quality and reliability. (Image Source: Global Technology Systems)

  • Hydraulic Electric Actuator Force Range Expanded to 50,000 lbf

    Tolomatic’s expanded extreme-force electric actuator family now includes the RSX128 actuator, rated up to 50,000 pounds of force (222.4 kN). Ideal for replacing hydraulic cylinders and designed for 100 percent duty cycle, the RSX actuator features the company’s precision-ground planetary roller screws for long, consistent operating life in challenging environments. Applications include assembly, metal fabrication (pressing, punching, clamping), automotive manufacturing, timber processing, motion simulators and more.

    “We are excited to move up into a whole new ‘weight class’ of linear actuators,” said Andy Zaske, vice president, sales and marketing, Tolomatic. “We have applied our expertise in roller screw technology—we manufacture our own roller screws—with Tolomatic’s Endurance Technology design approach to create a long-lasting, dependable solution that solves many issues by replacing hydraulic cylinders. Electric actuator technology is more precise and efficient—without the messy leaks or noisy operation of hydraulics.”  

    The RSX128 actuator represents a 60-percent increase in the bi-directional maximum force provided by Tolomatic’s extreme-force RSX electric actuator family. Additional frame sizes include the RSX080 which provides 18,000 lbf/80kN and the RSX096P press-model which is optimized to provide extend force up to (40,000 lbf/178 kN). (Image Source: Tolomatic)

  • Aluminum 3D Printing Capability Using Directed Energy Deposition

    Optomec, a privately held global supplier of production-grade additive manufacturing (AM) equipment and software announced an advancement in capability for the company’s LENS Directed Energy Deposition (DED) systems relative to AM and repair of aluminum alloys (photo below). This innovation can be used to deposit any aluminum alloy, including those recently developed specifically for improved properties with AM processing.  

    This development for the Optomec DED process opens the transportation and aerospace industries to AM and repair of complex aluminum alloy parts using powder based DED. Additionally, the use of the company’s LENS simultaneous 5-axis system enables the processing of aluminum alloy parts with complex geometries without the need for support structures. Deposition of aluminum alloys in a controlled atmosphere glove-box with very low levels of oxygen and moisture ensures achievement of components with superior mechanical properties.

    David Otazu, LENS Applications Engineer states “Our engineers have developed process parameters for aluminum alloys to provide an excellent surface finish, high deposition rates and a density of ~99.9% (photos below).” With this advancement, Optomec LENS systems can successfully process all common materials used for AM including Steels, Titanium, Nickel, Copper, and now, Aluminum. (Image Source: Optomec)

  • New Pre-Assembled Torque Limiter Sprockets

    U.S. Tsubaki Power Transmission, LLC announces the launch of the Torque Limiter Sprocket - a complete assembly providing both the Torque Limiter and sprocket together as one unit to create a single device that provides a powerful and long-lasting torque limiting solution.

    Up to now, the method for purchasing torque limiting devices required end-users to assemble the limiting device, springs, bushings and sprocket by themselves. The company has improved the torque limiting device industry by offering all these components pre-assembled and bored-to-order in U.S. Tsubaki’s Wheeling, IL facility. End-users can now simply install the fully assembled unit to the shaft, set the torque limit, and move forward with operation. (Image Source: U.S. Tsubaki)

  • Power Management ICs Enhance Battery-Powered IoT Product Design

    Silicon Labs announces a new line of energy-friendly power management ICs (PMICs) serving as dedicated companion chips for EFR32 wireless devices and EFM32 microcontrollers (MCUs).

    The EFP01 PMIC family provides a flexible, system-level power management solution enhancing the energy efficiency of battery-powered applications including IoT sensors, asset tags, smart meters, home and building automation, security, and health and wellness products. These PMICs enable developers to choose the optimal battery type and chemistries for their applications while controlling a product's power supply over multiple output rails and voltages.

    Developers often use PMICs to meet the unique low-power requirements of their IoT designs. Yet selecting the right PMIC from among thousands of parts offered by catalog distributors can be challenging and time consuming, adding complexity for developers under time-to-market pressures. Silicon Labs' PMIC solution addresses the power management needs of IoT developers by extending the energy efficiency of its wireless and MCU products while simplifying product design with best-in-class tools and support. (Image Source: Silicon Labs)

  • Advanced Signal Conditioner IC Targets Industry 4.0, Medical and IoT Sensor Applications

    Renesas Electronics, a supplier of advanced semiconductor solutions, introduced the ZSSC3240 sensor signal conditioner (SSC) – the newest member of its SSC portfolio. The chip delivers high accuracy, sensitivity, and flexibility for sensor applications such as resistive pressure sensors and medical infrared thermometers. This new SSC features best-in-class performance and speed with up to 24 bits analog-to-digital conversion (ADC) resolution.

    With a flexible sensor front end and a broad range of output interfaces, the ZSSC3240 can be used for nearly all types of resistive and absolute voltage sensor elements, enabling customers to develop complete sensing platforms from a single SSC device. This combination plus its small size makes the chip ideal for use with a wide variety of sensor-based devices for the industrial, consumer, and medical markets, including industrial pressure transmitters, HVAC sensors, weight scales, factory automation devices, smart meters, and continuous smart health monitors.

    Micro-machined and silicon-based sensing elements provide mostly non-linear and very small signals, requiring special technologies to convert the sensor signal into a linearized output. The ZSSC3240 SSC facilitates both the design and production of sensor interfaces by providing programmable, highly accurate, wide gain and quantization functions combined with powerful, high-order digital correction and linearization algorithms. High performance, and flexible sensor front end configuration and analog output options enable easy sensor platform design using a single IC. This allows customers to leverage the SSC cost effectively for a wide variety of sensor elements that have different characteristics. (Image Source: Renesas Electronics)

  • Contact-Tracing Platform Helps Suppress Spread of the Covid-19 Pandemic

    Kerlink a specialist in solutions dedicated to the Internet of Things (IoT), and Microshare, a data management solution for the IoT era, announced their collaboration in delivering a turnkey solution to trace contacts proximity in the workplace to help to fight spread of Covid-19.

    Facing the Covid-19 pandemic, World Health Organization (WHO) officials stressed the importance for countries to combine testing, isolation and tracing of new cases to suppress the spread of the virus. Suppression is essential for buying time to develop new medicines and new vaccines, to manufacture much-needed equipment, and to design reactive solutions to prevent the spreading of illnesses.

    This crisis also reveals that personnel are both the most important and most vulnerable assets of companies and industries, as well as public-service and government agencies. Suppression is thus an especially key challenge during the outbreak and the transition out of confinement phases for all businesses and services. Private and public sector entities are torn between the imperative to strictly follow locally personal hygiene and safety rules and their critical challenge to maintain business continuity, while ensuring the safety of their personnel.

    Microshare and Kerlink have combined their deep experience in indoor asset tracking within facilities and around ring-fenced properties to deliver a cost-effective contact-tracing solution. Microshare’s Universal Contact Tracing solution is powered by Kerlink’s brand-new Wanesy Wave scanners, industrial-grade indoor and outdoor Wirnet iSerie LoRaWAN gateways and Wanesy Management Center core network and network management tools. (Image Source: Kerlink and Microshare)


John Blyler is a Design News senior editor, covering the electronics and advanced manufacturing spaces. With a BS in Engineering Physics and an MS in Electrical Engineering, he has years of hardware-software-network systems experience as an editor and engineer within the advanced manufacturing, IoT and semiconductor industries. John has co-authored books related to system engineering and electronics for IEEE, Wiley, and Elsevier.

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