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Actions Quietly Comes in With 64-bit ARM SoC

Article-Actions Quietly Comes in With 64-bit ARM SoC

Actions Quietly Comes in With 64-bit ARM SoC

Every once in a while, I say to myself, "How did I not know that?" One of those times was the other day, when I had a conversation with the folks from Actions Semiconductor, about some news they wanted to share with me. I was somewhat aware of Actions, but not to the extent that I really should have been.

Actions Semi is a fabless semiconductor company based in China, in one of the regions that I'm less familiar with, Zhuhai. The company has been around since 2001. They're a pretty formidable player, with state-of-the-art technology, especially in the low-power SoC-based CPU space. They claim to have more than 500 in-house R&D engineers.

What we talked about was the inroads Actions has made into the tablet space. With a newly printed license from ARM for its 64-bit Cortex A50 processor line, Actions will have a SoC available by the end of the year, as part of its new ATM900x family.

Having this offering, combined with some of the company's previous products, gives them a nice portfolio for this segment, which includes OTT set-top boxes, as well. You don't know what OTT set-top boxes are? That stands for over-the-top-technology, which means it receives content from third-party suppliers, like Netflix or Hulu. The alternative would be IPTV, which is a box that receives its content from the cable company.

So when someone says, "Have you seen the latest offering from Actions Semiconductor?" you needn't say "Who's that?"

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