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9 New 3D Printing Materials to Watch

<br> Graphene 3D Lab's Flex Foam is a highly conductive, flexible material comprising a foam core grown with chemical vapor deposition, which has been treated with an elastomer impregnated with carbon nanoparticles. These metal-free foams may also be for

The latest crop of 3D printing materials includes several flexible plastics, as well as a couple of firsts: the first reworkable flexible plastics; and the first titanium-ceramic powder for powder-bed and laser-based metals 3D printing such as selective laser melting (SLM).

This time we've also got a new method for 3D printing glass, plus some reusable phase transforming cellular materials (PXCMs) that absorb energy, both still in R&D. But the rest of these can be purchased. We also tell you about a flexible, durable, crystal-clear filament based on DuPont's Surlyn ionomer resin; a rigid thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) filament from NinjaTek; and another tough, low-odor, styrene-free filament based on Eastman Chemical Company's Amphora co-polyester.

Ann R. Thryft is senior technical editor, materials & assembly, for Design News. She's been writing about manufacturing- and electronics-related technologies for 28 years, covering manufacturing materials & processes, alternative energy, and robotics. In the past, she's also written about machine vision and all kinds of communications.

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