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3D Systems' V-Flash Desktop Modeler

Article-3D Systems' V-Flash Desktop Modeler

3D Systems' V-Flash Desktop Modeler

V-FlashA(R) Desktop Modelers from 3D Systems are the most affordable, most versatile, and easiest to use in-office desktop 3-D Printers available. Its compact design allows for use in workspaces of virtually any size, and its large build volume of 9 x 6.75 x 8 inch provides for a broad range of part sizes. Its instantaneous build speed is 4 times greater than other available 3-D printers costing more. V-FlashA(R) uses 3D Systems' patented Film Transfer Imaging (FTI) technology incorporating wear components into single-use, easy-load cartridges. Empty cartridges may be returned to 3D System's V-Flash Recycling Centers, the industry's first eco-friendly cartridge return program. With V-Flash, designers can make models starting with their earliest design ideas and gain the advantages of solid model communication throughout the design process. Solid models provide a universal language to present design concepts and facilitate vital feedback from both engineering and non-engineering peer groups. Iterative prototyping accelerates the design process shortening time to market. It leads to improved designs by providing proof of concept assurance throughout the design project and reduces development costs by reducing or eliminating costly redesigns. Designers can quickly create concept and communication models, conduct form/fit testing, and perform functional tests while maintaining design confidentiality during early design stages.-Flash offers key differentiated benefits versus other 3-D printers such as lower price, superior part quality, higher productivity and lower total cost of ownership. V-Flash is priced 50 percent lower than its closest competitor and has 15-20 percent lower total cost of ownership over time.

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