Cool and super cool 3D printed projects : Page 6 of 8

Here’s a look back at several cool hobbyist-level gadgets and a few super cool printed car projects.

Printing a car is not for the hobbyist. It requires a small factory to print, assemble and test the vehicle - at least, for now. But it is super cool to follow the progress of the latest vehicles that are 3D printed or contain a majority of 3D printed parts.

The Low-speed Electric Vehicle (LSEV) is an inexpensive car that is claimed to have taken only three days to make. It is being produced by start-up XEV and Polymaker, a 3D printing company. All of the components in LSEV were printed except for the chassis, seats and glass. Like the Smart car, it is a two-seater with a top speed of about 43 miles per gallon.

Up until this year, the LSEV market has been dominated by electric bicycles and tricycles. The addition of a 3D-printed car version should greatly expand this industry which will initially be limited to Asia and Europe.

Image Source: X-EV

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