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Gadget Freak Case #245: The Programmable Crock-Pot

Bernard Smith created a timer that offers a delayed start, so that a slow cooker can begin cooking while everyone is out.
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8/12/2013 | 3 comments
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Crock-pot timer
MYRONB   8/31/2013 12:38:29 AM
Hopefully, this isn't a "crack-pot" idea.  Depending on the delay time and the temperature of the food put into the pot, it seems that bacteria growth could be a problem.  Just a thought, here.

Best regards,

Myron Boyajian

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Crockpot timer
wirelesswizard   9/3/2013 5:16:49 PM
Intermatic and others make commercially, off the shelf devices that perform the same function.  They are UL listed products and meet electrical codes.  This gadget is potentially dangerous considering the wattage rating of any crockpot which should never be used with a butchered extension cord as shown on the video.

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Re: Crockpot timer
Sparkz   1/26/2015 3:42:39 PM
Much agreed.  I made a PID controller that we use often to dial in what ever temp we want (sous vide is a wonderful world) and no worries of letting food sit at room temp. 

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