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Where Is It Now?

Wondering where your favorite features from the old site have ended up?

Here are some tips:

  • Top Stories

    Industry news articles that were once listed in the “Top Stories” section on the home page can now be found in the “Analysis” section on the upper left hand-side of the new home page.

  • Resource Center

    White papers, case studies, engineering tools, and other valuable, “how-to” materials from the Design News Resource Center can now be found in the new “Features” column in the center of the home page. A new Resource Center module near the bottom of the page also highlights the latest additions to this content library.

  • Blogs

    Content from editorial and guest blogs, along with industry news articles, can also be found in the “Analysis” section on the upper left-hand side of the home page, or accessed through the “Blogs” link in the topmost navigation bar.

  • Technology Beats

    The “Technology Beats” drop-down menu on the former site’s navigation bar has been replaced with a new navigation bar listing the new site’s four main technology channels – Automation & Control, Design Hardware & Software, Electronics Test, and Materials & Assembly – as well as the Mechatronics Zone and Product Showcase pages.

  • Product Showcase

    The “Product Showcase,” the go-to place for product information on, can be accessed via a link on the new, lower navigation bar.

  • Gadget Freak

    The popular “Gadget Freak” section of the site, featuring fun, quirky, do-it-yourself designs contributed by members of the Design News engineering community, can now be accessed via a link in the “First Stop” section of the site.

  • Video

    The redesigned video module provides a gateway to DNTV, a brand new Internet TV environment delivering a variety of informative and educational content drawn from Design News’ extensive library of video resources.

  • Webcasts

    A list of current and archived Design News webcasts can now be found in the “Design News Webinars” module.

  • Talk Back

    Site users are encouraged to engage with Design News editors on an ongoing basis and to comment on content throughout the site via the “Comments” sections of articles and blog posts. The latest comments and discussions will appear on the new Message Boards module located on the home page.

  • Subscribe

    Sign up for e-newsletters and the print or digital edition of Design News, or manage your existing subscriptions via the “Subscription” link, located on the navigation bar at the bottom of the home page.

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