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January 15 - Day 5: Segger Embedded Studio Does IoT
Continuing Education Center 
1/15/2016  332 comments
The Segger Embedded Studio includes built-in support for the Nordic nRF51822. Today’s lecture will focus on using Segger Embedded Studio and a J-Link Pro to bring an nRF51822-based IoT device to life.
January 14 - Day 4: Coding with Segger’s embOS
Continuing Education Center 
1/14/2016  325 comments
This class will concentrate on setting up and running Segger’s embOS RTOS on our STMicro STM32F407VG-based ARM hardware platform.
January 13 - Day 3: Exercising Segger’s emPower Platform
Continuing Education Center 
1/13/2016  374 comments
Segger recently announced the availability of a new evaluation platform based on the Freescale Kinetis MK66FN2M0VMD18 32-bit microcontroller. In this lecture we will examine and exercise the emPower hardware using Segger Embedded Studio and a combination of Segger middleware components.
January 12 - Day 2: ARMing a microSD Card to an MCU
Continuing Education Center 
1/12/2016  387 comments
This class will utilize the ARM hardware we previously constructed. We will use elements of the STMicro STM32 Standard Peripheral Libraries, Segger Embedded Studio, and J-Link Pro to add microSD storage capability to our ARM microcontroller complex.
January 11 - Day 1: Segger Embedded Studio Walk-around
Continuing Education Center 
1/11/2016  432 comments
This lecture will introduce you to the Segger Embedded Studio. Rather than just talk about the integrated development environment, we will assemble and code an ARM microcontroller complex with the STMicroelectronics STM32F407VG using Segger Embedded Studio and the J-Link Pro.
Freescale Kinetis L Series PTM
Educational Resources 
Tiny Geckos Display Small Energy Footprint
Educational Resources 
ON Semiconductor Keeps Watchful, High-Res Video Eye with Development Kit
11/27/2015  Post a comment
The company says it anticipates high-definition video for home security and other uses will be the next mature technology integrated into the IoT domain, hence the introduction of its MatrixCam devkit.

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Jan 11 - 15, Designing ARM Devices Using Segger Tools
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