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The problem with a four-, five-, or six-year degree is that they don’t teach engineers the soft skills required to have a successful career. Here are seven skills that every engineering graduate needs to be successful.
A UK-based company called Ilika has developed a miniature solid-state battery to power the IoT.
A new oscilloscope-based test system adds a unique dimension to the process of analyzing the dynamic performance of three-phase motors and drives.
Design teams are operating in a business environment that increasingly requires them to collaborate and share data across extended teams, multiple organizations, and widespread locations. Autodesk’s customers are looking for a solution that eliminates project bottlenecks, such as the time-consuming and error-ridden process of shuttling design reviews and revisions back and forth among team members.
A Finland-based company has introduced what it claims is the first smart door lock that can be powered from energy harvested from a mobile device.
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The Continuing Education Center offers engineers an entirely new way to get the education they need to formulate next-generation solutions.
Jan 11 - 15, Designing ARM Devices Using Segger Tools
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