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Comment:Bill is cool - Elizabeth M-1/29/2015
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Video: Flexible Jar Design Keeps Hands Clean
1/27/2015  6 comments
Everyone has had the experience of trying to scrape the last of the peanut butter or mayonnaise from the bottom of a glass jar without getting your hand sticky. Inventor Ron Jidmar thinks he has a solution to all of that nonsense with a flexible jar design that can be squeezed with one hand to lift contents from the bottom to the top of a jar or container, leaving the other hand free to scoop the contents out cleanly.
Comment:Re: More Math - Elizabeth M-1/26/2015
Comment:Re: Math - Elizabeth M-1/26/2015
Spider Webs, Leaves Inspire Future Network Design for Displays, Solar Panels
1/23/2015  1 comment
Biomimicry has already found its way into the development of robots and new materials, with researchers studying animals and nature to come up with new innovations. Now thanks to researchers in Boston, biomimicry could even inform the future of electrical networks for next-generation displays.
Comment:Re: List - Elizabeth M-1/22/2015
Comment:Re: Math - Elizabeth M-1/22/2015
Comment:Re: Math - Elizabeth M-1/22/2015
Comment:Glass master - Elizabeth M-1/22/2015
Industry Group: Clean Diesel Remains Top Choice for Transit Agencies
1/22/2015  21 comments
Clean diesel continues to be the fuel of choice for transportation authorities in major U S cities, in spite of competitive options aimed at reducing emissions, according to a nonprofit agency that represents diesel engine and equipment manufacturers.
Comment:Re: Math - Elizabeth M-1/20/2015
Comment:Re: Good idea - Elizabeth M-1/20/2015
Comment:Re: Good idea - Elizabeth M-1/20/2015
NYC Gets its First Commercial-Scale Wind Turbine
1/20/2015  30 comments
A recycling center in the Sunset Park neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY, has deployed the city’s first commercial-scale wind turbine, providing a good test bed that could pave the way for similar deployments in the future.
Comment:Great roundup - Elizabeth M-1/19/2015
Comment:Re: Good idea - Elizabeth M-1/19/2015
Comment:Re: Impact - Elizabeth M-1/19/2015
Comment:Suggestions? - Elizabeth M-1/16/2015
Comment:Re: Impact - Elizabeth M-1/16/2015
Comment:Re: Good idea - Elizabeth M-1/16/2015
10 Places to Visit to Interest Your Kids in STEM
STEM Connection 
1/16/2015  14 comments
Scientific and engineering history is evident everywhere you look in our modern world, and there are a plethora of institutions, museums, facilities and other places that celebrate science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) ideas and innovations.
Comment:Omg the name! - Elizabeth M-1/15/2015
Comment:Re: Good idea - Elizabeth M-1/15/2015
Comment:Good idea - Elizabeth M-1/15/2015
Comment:Re: Good idea - Elizabeth M-1/15/2015
Comment:Good idea - Elizabeth M-1/13/2015
Toll Plazas Weigh Vehicles, Harvests Energy From Them
1/13/2015  13 comments
While car manufacturers are looking for ways to make automobiles lighter through the use of new materials, researchers in India are finding a way to leverage their weight to create energy.
Comment:Re: Tiny - Elizabeth M-1/12/2015

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