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Here are some of the top-paying jobs available to engineers as they grow in their careers.
As manufacturers add new technologies to their products, designing for compliance becomes more difficult. Prepare for the certification testing process. Otherwise, you increase the risk of discovering a safety issue after a product leaves the assembly line. That will cause significant time-to-market delays, be much costlier to fix, and damage your brand in the eyes of customers. 
Stratasys will be exhibiting two groundbreaking large-scale additive manufacturing technologies, as well as other new products, next month at the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) in Chicago.
Ford Motor Co. announced plans last week to join an ever-growing number of automakers who intend to produce fully autonomous vehicles in the next five years.
Two new technologies from Stratasys, created in partnership with Boeing, Ford, and Siemens, will bring accurate, repeatable manufacturing of very large thermoplastic end products, and much bigger composite parts, onto the factory floor for industries including automotive and aerospace.
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