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Do you long for the days of retro video gaming? Here's how you can turn an old PC into an old-school arcade cabinet with only $100 and a bit of woodwork.
A Vienna, Austria-based startup called Heliofloat has designed a platform of solar panels that can be deployed in lakes or oceans to generate solar-based electricity.
Electrical engineers from the University of Washington and Delft University of Technology have developed a new type of sensor-based platform that harvests energy from radio waves for electricity.
A simple new chemical method for repairing and recycling notoriously difficult carbon fiber composites has been developed by the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Polymer Research. An entire component can be completely recycled, including reclaiming its expensive carbon fibers for reuse.
In today’s connected world we are seeing the beginning of connected homes, smart grids, self-driving automobiles, drones, and many other amazing devices. Out of all the soon-to-be connected devices, which device poses the greatest dangerous to its users and society?
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May 2 - 6, Embedded System Design Techniques™ - Rapid Prototyping Embedded Systems using Micro Python
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