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Time was when sports equipment was made only from common, everyday, low-tech materials. But now sports equipment has a new, high-tech ingredient that is helping players take their game to the next level.
Every now and then Design News likes to revisit some of our favorite Gadget Freak projects. Robotic hands, manipulated Kindles, and smart recycling cans round out the latest crop.
A humanoid diving robot has recovered treasure from the wreck of French King Louis XIV's flagship, untouched for nearly 400 years. The bot not only looks somewhat human-shaped, it's also got stereoscopic humanlike vision, artificial intelligence, and haptic force feedback.
Design collaboration now includes the entire value chain. From suppliers to customers, purchasing to outside experts, the collaborative design team includes internal and external groups. The design process now stretches across the globe in multiple software formats.
Researchers have developed a hybrid energy harvester for generating electricity from multiple spectrums of solar energy.
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