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Following in the tracks of the fabled rocket plane programs of the 1940s, NASA engineers are now laying the plans for a new twist on the future of aviation -- a battery-powered airplane.
Laser engravers can be great tools for DIY projects. But they can also be pricey. Gadget Freak shows you how to build your own CNC laser engraver using an Arduino board.
Your home could someday be filled with hundreds of connected devices. What's going to coordinate it all? According to iRobot, it could be a vacuum with machine vision.
Researchers at the University of Buffalo have developed a nanocavity to potentially improve the design of ultrathin solar panels, video cameras, and other optoelectronic devices.
The Industrial Internet of Things may be going off the deep end in connecting everything on the plant floor. Some machines, bearings, or conveyors simply donít need to be monitored -- even if they can be.
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