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Self-Aware Control Systems
6/19/2014  2 comments
With broad support from automation vendors and an emphasis on software tools that can easily be implemented in machine control projects, the beginnings of self-aware control systems are within reach.
Evolving Solutions for Remote HMI Monitoring
4/1/2014  Post a comment
Web-enabled monitoring of production data is expanding to focus on a broader set of users, device types, use cases, and resulting workflows.
2013: Innovations in Automation & Control
1/27/2014  2 comments
Each year, the Golden Mousetrap Awards offer the Design News editorial staff a chance to review the most innovative products of the previous year. In the automation and control area, the process also normally reveals some of the major trends in products and technologies that are making the biggest impacts in manufacturing, since the Golden Mousetrap is all about innovation and forwarding looking designs.
An Evolution in Industrial Robots
Product News 
1/6/2014  7 comments
Customer focus on total cost of ownership is shaping robotic offerings, along with the need for increased payload capacities and greater flexibility.
Slideshow: Holistic View Drives Industrial IP Advantage
11/25/2013  8 comments
Adopting a holistic view that brings together control engineering, IT, and plant management is ultimately a key to success.
Collaboration Between Controls & IT Is a Growing Priority
11/11/2013  5 comments
Collaboration between controls, engineering management, and information technology is becoming a critical business priority.
ABB Introduces New Breed of Safety PLCs
Product News 
11/6/2013  3 comments
The trend moves forward of safety controllers becoming more integrated with the overall control and software architecture on OEM automation machines. A good example is how a new breed of safety PLCs from ABB that combines advanced software to coordinate real-time motion with safety processing, along with redundant hardware, is helping to make this happen.
Siemens Previews SPS IPC Drives Show
10/22/2013  1 comment
The SPS IPC Drives 2013 show, an important event for new products and services in the world of automation and motion control, will be held in Nuremburg, Germany, late in November.
Comment:System in NYC - apresher-10/21/2013
Comment:Logistics - apresher-10/21/2013
Comment:CCEFP - apresher-10/21/2013
Comment:Hydraulic Hybrid - apresher-10/21/2013
Comment:Tactile sensing - apresher-10/14/2013
Multi-Axis Digital Tension Control
10/4/2013  3 comments
Bosch-Rexroth has published a technical report that provides an overview of how digital roll-to-roll web processing is enabling mass production of printed electronic devices.
Using PACs and PLCs for Data Acquisition, Logging & Analytics
9/24/2013  4 comments
Modern and powerful PLCs and PACs can perform many of the data acquisition functions formerly reserved for SCADA, PC-based, and other control systems.
Comment:Machine Safety - apresher-9/20/2013
NI Controllers Help Modernize Power Grid
9/20/2013  5 comments
National Instruments recently announced a new platform for its software-designed cRIO 9068 controller. This new product still uses LabVIEW programming but offers a 4x performance boost by using a 667 MHz ARM dual core processor and new FPGAs.
Growth in Model-Based Design for Automation Control
9/18/2013  2 comments
Systems are adding new sophisticated functions and tools.
Comment:Gadget Freak - apresher-9/17/2013
Comment:Remote HMIs - apresher-9/17/2013
Smartphones & Tablets as Remote HMIs
9/17/2013  2 comments
New technology is offering an interesting and useful way to track critical plant production information.
Convergence at the Operator Panel
9/16/2013  9 comments
An important ongoing trend for automation and control over the past decade has been the convergence of machine control systems on fewer pieces of control hardware.
Comment:Gadget Freak - apresher-9/4/2013
Comment:Gadget Freak - apresher-9/4/2013
Comment:Blame Game - apresher-9/3/2013
Designing Secure Machine Control Networks
8/27/2013  5 comments
Industrial network security has become a hot topic in the wake of the Stuxnet virus and concerns about all types of Internet site attacks that could cause major damage to industrial machinery.
Comment:Black Hats - apresher-8/23/2013
Comment:Robomotive - apresher-8/23/2013
Comment:Print Yourself - apresher-8/23/2013
Comment:Wind Tunnel - apresher-8/23/2013
Comment:HMI Alarms - apresher-8/22/2013
Comment:Robomotive - apresher-8/22/2013
Comment:Humanoid Robot - apresher-8/22/2013
Video: Robomotive Humanoid Robot Uses 3D Vision
8/21/2013  27 comments
A 3D structured-light imaging system helps create the human-like capabilities deployed in the design of a Robomotive humanoid robot jointly developed by Yaskawa Motoman, Beltech, and Robotiq.
Comment:NASA 3D Printer - apresher-8/15/2013
Comment:USB 3.0 - apresher-8/15/2013
Comment:Robotic Software - apresher-8/14/2013
Comment:Robotic software - apresher-8/13/2013
Comment:Robotic Software - apresher-8/13/2013
Robotic Machine-Tending Software Leverages Simulations
8/13/2013  9 comments
A point of emphasis for industrial robotics going into the future is the trend of suppliers offering simpler software solutions, driven by strong feedback from customers that software complexity is a key difficulty.
Comment:USB 3.0 - apresher-8/12/2013
Comment:USB 3.0 - apresher-8/12/2013
USB 3.0 in Industrial Applications
8/8/2013  7 comments
USB 3.0 has gotten off to a slow start in commercial areas, but acceptance is picking up as people see more and more requirements for high bandwidth operation.
Comment:3D Printing - apresher-8/6/2013
Comment:UAV Demand - apresher-8/6/2013
Servo-Variable Pump Drives Offer Energy Efficiency & Control
8/5/2013  5 comments
Sytronix servo-variable pump drives from Bosch Rexroth provide a hybrid-type control that combines the advantages of servo technology with hydraulic pump control.
Comment:48V Safety - apresher-8/2/2013
Comment:Willow Glass - apresher-8/1/2013
Comment:Smartwatch - apresher-7/30/2013
Comment:42 Volts - apresher-7/30/2013
Comment:Ice Breakers - apresher-7/29/2013
Comment:Smartwatch - apresher-7/26/2013
Comment:Lexus Bike - apresher-7/25/2013
Comment:Restrictions - apresher-7/22/2013
Comment:$10K Bike - apresher-7/22/2013
Comment:Gestures - apresher-7/22/2013

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