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Design engineer compensation varies widely by location. If you live in Boston, your salary will average more than $90,000, nearly $20,000 above the national average. But if you live in Cleveland, your salary will average almost $10,000 below the national average.
As the annual scramble for H-1B visas begins anew this week, the debate over the viability of the program is heating up again.
A theme that was reflected in several ways at NPE 2015 was the use of 3D printing to assist in, or improve on, injection molding, as well as improvements in 3D printing materials and processes that are making better functional prototypes and end-use parts.
For many years, it was believed that the strongest biological substance on Earth was spider silk, but new research says aquatic snails produce an even stronger material that could disrupt manufacturing forever.
Most everyone thinks they are ready for an emergency or a disaster. Most everyone is wrong. But engineers are a unique position here as both the designers and beneficiaries of emergency preparedness systems.
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