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Project Management Gets an Upgrade -- and Into a Scrum
10/5/2015  Post a comment
Innovations such as “scrum” and virtualization methods have changed the project management game.
3 Trends for The New World of Manufacturing
10/2/2015  2 comments
On Manufacturing Day, we take a look at the vast changes and top trends in manufacturing happening now.
Design Outsourcing Is on the Rise
9/30/2015  Post a comment
Product design teams are turning to outside help for new ideas and to balance the ups and downs of design needs.
Flexible Manufacturing Is Showing Steady Growth Because of Flexible Packaging
9/30/2015  Post a comment
To satisfy major retailers, the packaging industry is moving toward flexible manufacturing and away from rigid manufacturing.
Comment:Re: Segway - Rob Spiegel-9/26/2015
Comment:Re: Segway - Rob Spiegel-9/26/2015
The 20 Worst Inventions of All Time — Part 1
9/25/2015  48 comments
For every invention that changed our lives, there was a slew of dumb contraptions. We're taking a look at history's 20 biggest failures.
Comment:Great list - Rob Spiegel-9/24/2015
What Industries Are the Highest-Paid Engineers Working In?
9/23/2015  4 comments
Take a look at 2015's engineering salaries by discipline and employer, including bottom, middle, and top ranges.
15 Bright Moments in Artificial Intelligence at the Movies
9/18/2015  19 comments
These 15 films show how artificial intelligence has been depicted in the movies.
More Interconnectedness, More Vulnerabilities, More Profit for Hackers
9/18/2015  3 comments
Cyber security attacks are increasing in number and sophistication as interconnected machines and devices expand the "surface area" for hackers and nation-state foes.

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Digital design tools and 3D printing can be used to innovate new products and accelerate the development and commercialization cycle.
The ways companies and their outside product development partners work together and divvy up success are evolving radically. Here's what you need to know no matter if you are an engineer or executive.
One of the biggest walls in embedded software development is the integration of low-level drivers with higher-level middleware and application code, but silicon vendors are stepping up to bring it down.
Honeywell and NASA's FMA Live! Forces of Nature show uses hip-hop to teach physics lessons and is currently on its Fall 2015 tour in the Midwest.
Using 3D-printing to integrate electronics is an enthralling idea, but there's a long road ahead to commercialization.
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