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Latest Whitepaper Puts a Lock on IoT Security
5/26/2016  Post a comment
Icon Labs has developed a whitepaper to help determine the type of cybersecurity needed based on the type of device.
Top Job Prospects for Engineers in 2016
5/25/2016  1 comment
Here's a look at the Bureau of Labor stats on engineering jobs over the coming decade.
Augmented Reality Becomes the New Plant Instructor
5/25/2016  Post a comment
DMDII is working with a number of partners to create and utilize augmented reality instructions for the plant floor.
Virtual Reality: The New Prototype Is Digital
5/24/2016  1 comment
Visualization and virtual reality tools allow design engineers to build virtual prototypes that can be manipulated collaboratively. You can swap out materials and store data within the file.
Autodesk and Siemens PLM Increase Software Interoperability
5/24/2016  Post a comment
Autodesk and Siemens PLM have reached an agreement to create seamless integration between their design software files.
Each Cyber Attack Has Its Own Cure
5/23/2016  2 comments
Verizon's new cyber attack report outlines protection measures designed to the style of the attack.
Top 10 States for Engineering Jobs
5/19/2016  8 comments
Are you an engineer who is looking for a job? Here are the 10 states where you will have the best luck.
Comment:Re: Evil Twin - Rob Spiegel-5/18/2016
Comment:Re: Evil Twin - Rob Spiegel-5/18/2016
New Drawing App Costs Less Than a Latte
5/18/2016  Post a comment
Siemens PLM has introduced a sketching tool with a pen-on-a-napkin feel.
Digital Twin Includes All the Product Data Ever
5/17/2016  4 comments
Like Industry 4.0 and IoT, the term "digital twin" describes a collection of existing technologies that have become inextricably tied together.
UL Develops Cybersecurity Certification
5/16/2016  Post a comment
UL's Cybersecurity Assurance Program aims to detect weaknesses, minimize exploitation, address known malware, review security controls, and increase security awareness.
Integration of Design Software Gets Hot
5/12/2016  Post a comment
Design software platforms from multiple vendors are now integrating to make the design process simpler for users.
Product Line Engineering Gets a Visual Makeover
Product News 
5/11/2016  Post a comment
BigLever and No Magic have created an integrated connection to give PLE a visual model.
Cyber Attacks Increase in Danger
5/10/2016  4 comments
Cybersecurity is getting to be a greater issue as attackers become better organized and more dangerous.
Maplesoft and SolidWorks Become the Latest Design Software Blend
5/9/2016  Post a comment
Maplesoft has become a SolidWorks Certified Solutions Partner, thus integrating the two companies' software.

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These futuristic military robots will help soldiers and other military personnel better perform their duties.
Icon Labs has developed a whitepaper to help determine the type of cybersecurity needed based on the type of device.
The FDA has just released draft guidelines for using 3D printing in the design, development, and manufacture of regulated medical products. Although the recommendations are non-binding, they do set some much-needed parameters.
We're talking a look at 10 of the coolest technologies being developed by the US military today. In addition to saving lives on the battlefield, don't be surprised if you see some of these in your daily life some time in the near future.
Here's a look at the Bureau of Labor stats on engineering jobs over the coming decade.
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