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Greg M. Jung
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Prawn Plastic
Greg M. Jung   7/3/2014 5:11:13 PM
My favorite one is the plastic made from discarded shrimp shells.  Perhaps this could help reduce petroleum needed to create today's polymers by a small amount.

Charles Murray
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Re: Don't waste the waste!
Charles Murray   7/3/2014 2:50:36 PM
I have a feeling the 3D printer concept will take off. Fancy 3D-printed foods could become popular at weddings and parties.   

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Software Engineers
tekochip   7/3/2014 2:25:38 PM
When I saw the title I was sure you were going to talk about Cheez-Its.  Now I'm hungry, maybe there's something left in the keyboard if I turn it up-side-down.

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Re: Don't waste the waste!
naperlou   7/3/2014 10:25:31 AM
Elizabeth, waste materials, especially organics, can be a fertile source of energy and raw materials.  The trick is to get a steady supply.  I think this is what has stymied many trash to electricity efforts.  With any process the feedstock has to be consistent and consistently available. 

I did find the cooking oil situation funny.  In the UK there were people using cooking oil in their cars (getting it from the local McDonalds) and the government decided it was fuel and wanted to charge fuel tax on it.  Government is so great.  Here people are using an alternative that would just be waste and lowering the country's dependence on oil and they want to tax them.

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Re: Not just for eating
NadineJ   7/3/2014 10:08:07 AM
I think until hunger is eliminated from the planet we should use food for people. I know the key issues with hunger in the world are distribution and excessive profit taking. Shifting the focus of crops from feeding people to fueling engines isn't a sustainable path.

The advancements in using food waste are interesting.  I think that's a better way to go.

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Don't waste the waste!
Daniyal_Ali   7/3/2014 6:44:59 AM
Great slideshow Liz. This shows how much we can save by utilizing the waste of various food processing industries, the most important thing to learn here is that the real profit is not necessarily in the production, but also in the way you utilize the waste products. If all the industries of the world start recycling all of their waste products, we would never run out of the resources.

Elizabeth M
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Not just for eating
Elizabeth M   7/3/2014 6:10:37 AM
I found it really interesting to explore how food is becoming inspiration for numerous designs. These are just some examples but I'm sure there are a lot more out there. Would love to hear from readers about other ways food is being used in design and engineering beyond its usual function.

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