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Re: Hidden cost
NadineJ   12/27/2013 1:37:56 PM
That's a good point.  The cost to consumers is widening the chasm between rich and poor, especially within rich countries such as the U.S.

In order to succeed, financially, people need to be connected.  When so many have to choose between paying for food and housing month to month, connectivity is a dream.

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bobjengr   12/27/2013 12:15:51 PM
Excellent post.  My BIG issue is one mentioned by several comments already--security.  Each year we lose millions, maybe billions, of dollars as a result of theft by a variety of entities, commercial, industrial, political etc etc. China has and is stealing billions from US companies due to loss of intellectual property.  NSA is in the act, not because of terrorism but because they CAN--simply put.  The cloud would be a marvelous convenience for most honest companies doing business in an honest manner.  We don't live in that world.   

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The cloud has a place,but with caution
LetoAtreidesII   12/27/2013 9:12:16 AM
Ah this story bring back memmorys of our old VAX computer network.

Now my comment their is a definite place for the cloud but users looking to switch must be warey not only of the often mentioned security issue.

- Small companies atleast the 3 I have worked for and the 1 I own often have such limited bandwidth that we need to group up to watch webinars just so we do not hog the entire net bandwidth.  Those in a large corporate structure may not have this problem but under 100 person companies definitely do.

- Mobility, I am an engineer but service in the field is part of this task that is why the laptop has always been either my only PC or a strong portion of my PC power.  No Cloud will replace this as when servicing equipment in some dark hole of a plant you never know what you will have for connection, normally nothing.

- Uptime, Again may be a small co. thing but until the internet is fast and without glitch i find it best to work local.  I do not even work of networks storage as to often it is running slow or down.  Run local and have a backup script run each night again the best of both worlds.

Well their is my 50 cents, inflation you know.

TJ McDermott
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Hidden cost
TJ McDermott   12/26/2013 9:47:07 PM
No where does any article about cloud computing discuss the cost of the internet connection.  More and more cloud computing means larger and larger pipelines to feed the need.  Data limits are common for mobile users and for home users.  Increasing those limits can get costly very quickly.

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Re: Security and the "cloUd"
dgreig   12/26/2013 6:42:06 PM
What on earth are/is "itunes". I taught(Tweety Pi) to verse it that way.

Me - telephone, make and receive calls and answer machine is usefull.

Mobile ought with less than a 17" screen and Hz1920 pixels is a waste of time and space.

Perhaps I am opinionated!


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Re: Security and the "cloUd"
NadineJ   12/26/2013 5:35:19 PM
"I shall not cloud"

I felt the same way until my itunes updated.  I'm in the cloud whether I choose it or not.

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embrace or evolve
NadineJ   12/26/2013 5:31:50 PM
I agree that cloud computing is here to stay.  Like most have already said, the security issues need to be addressed in a straight forward and simple way.  Complicated fixes don't work.

Limited natural resources demand an evolution.  Where's the power for the cloud coming from in the future? 

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Security and the "cloUd"
dgreig   12/26/2013 1:20:23 PM
I shall not "cloud".

Security and integrity are paramount to my life.

Linux MultiLevelSecurity and SELINUX/IPTABLES/Clamav.

Scientific Linux or even Centos.

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Cloud Computing and Security
Andrewboon   12/26/2013 7:44:34 AM
Most organizations move to cloud technology - it is cost effective and offers numerous other benefits such as ubiquitous access, however organizations should also be wary of the security risks of moving to the cloud, I work for McGladrey and there's a whitepaper on cloud computing that will interest a few readers it weighs the risks of moving to the cloud against the many benefits of the cloud. @ "Cloud risks striking a balance between savings and security"   http://bit.ly/16uLsgi

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