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Charles Murray
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Re: Wireless charging hasn't taken off in consumer electronics
Charles Murray   11/7/2013 9:12:06 PM
I think the hold-up in EVs right now, TJ, is that automakers are trying to focus their development efforts on the core EV technologies. They've already got their hands full with battery development, and I don't think they want to split the EV pie up into too many pieces.  

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Wireless Charging is a Novelty
ChriSharek   11/7/2013 3:04:24 PM
Wireless Charging is cool, but absolutely unnecessary.  Plugging in your car takes 10 seconds.  As much as an EV advocate as I am, I don't see this taking off.  Plus, some drivers might end up spending more time aligning their vehicle with the wireless charger than just plugging the darn thing in! 

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Re: Wireless charging hasn't taken off in consumer electronics
naperlou   11/7/2013 11:33:47 AM
TJ, you have a point.  In a wireless device, the plugging in is not a real hassle.  With a wireless charger for a cell phone, for example, you still have to plug in the charger.  The overhead is large in percentage terms. 

For a car, it is not quite the same.  The overhead in your own garage is similar.  I am assuming you are going to want a higher voltage, dedicated charger.  The overhead in the home is similar, but the overhead on the vehicle is less.  Plugging in, in either case, is not as big a deal, but perhaps there are situations where wireless is going to be desirable.  Time will tell.

TJ McDermott
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Wireless charging hasn't taken off in consumer electronics
TJ McDermott   11/7/2013 10:43:05 AM
I'm frankly surprised at that - one would think it a no-brainer.  Is there a very large cost (or increase in weight) that would explain why wireless charging isn't ubiquitous in mobile phones?

And because it hasn't, will the same happen to EVs?

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